The “Good” In Evil

Don’t worry I’m not getting all nihilistic here. I want to talk to you real quick about the stories that prevent most people from achieving their own level of greatness.  I’ve found after working with hundreds of clients for thousands of hours, the stories that come up that prevent people from doing what’s good for them always seem to revolve around fear. For most people, the reason why they can’t advance in life is there is some sort of fear –most of the time irrational– that is preventing them from getting past a certain level of success.

Essentially, there’s a deep-rooted fear that has yet to be faced. The thing is, as time wears on, more and more events and bad habits can become attached to this basic fear until it threatens to consume all dreams altogether. Fear can lead us into a false sense of security as we find that the structures that we’ve created are stable, yet flawed. It’s fear that makes them prisoner to own established structures and routines which then holds them back into a form of self-sabotage where they believe the unhelpful stories that tell them to:

Drink booze excessively or binge

or even
Not exercise

I’ve seen it too many times with clients and others. Honestly, it’s really sad because it keeps them from experiencing life to its complete potential. You know, people will always blame their weakness, overweight, and softness on so many other things, like lack of time or some other bullshit excuse but in reality, the root of the situation is clear.

I would like you to consider that good vs. evil could also be viewed as order vs. chaos. In many of the early mythological stories that have been adapted in various cultures and religions, people have thought of good as a structure of order that evil or chaos breaks down. It is a repeated cycle that exists throughout nature. Living a fulfilled life, for the most part, is as simple as following the rules of nature.

Thanks for reading. Now face those fears that are holding you back so you can change the stories that aren’t serving you.

Jerry “good vs. better” Washington


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