Relationship FACTS

I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to see all these blogs out there that are supposed to be informative, but instead, feed you nonsense. I don’t want to go into calling anyone out specifically because I just want to get straight to the facts.

Ok here goes. I recently read a blog that talked about relationships. It had some click baity title so I fell for it and just about crapped my pants when I saw how many people liked the blog and commented on how good the advice was.

Like people were literally writing back because they were happy that they broke up with their boyfriend for 4 years because they were 22 and he hadn’t proposed yet. Seriously?

C’mon Seriously???

Like I said I don’t want to get too much into specifics but in an effort to somewhat counterbalance all the B.S. going around I decided to make my own blog post about relationships. Ready? Here goes…

It’s been said that you should get out of relationships immediately if:







You feel bored



If sex has slowed down 



If you don’t feel in love all the time


giphy (2).gif

If you like being apart

giphy (3).gif

If you fantasize about an old partner

Sounds legit right?!?! I thought so too until I looked them up. Turns out those are all unrealistic. Data shows that those are actually normal parts of every good relationship. Think about it like working in a career you love. There might be times that although you love what you do overall, you still are not completely 100% happy.  Like, say for instance when I have to sweep the floors of my fitness studio every night so it doesn’t look disgusting after a week.

Really there are only 2 reasons you should ever actually break off a relationship and here they are:

  1. The other person is abusive physically, financially, emotionally, or verbally
  2. Or if the other person has a disorder that leads to constant fighting. Not just moments, but long lasting dysfunction that’s present.

And that’s it…

The reason why people start to believe otherwise is that we live in a microwave, perfectionist society. At the first sign of trouble people bail because they believe that there is someone out there that’s “the one” for them.

Well, broham fortunately, there is no “one thing” for any of us. We are free to be who we want and explore ourselves through our own relationships. The great thing about life is there is no one thing that is perfect on this planet, yet at the same time, we are all perfect in our own right.

Be imperfect in your perfect search for the perfect person. It’s half the fun and helps us learn so much more about ourselves.

Jerry “loverboy” Washington

P.S. Yeah I’m hopeful that this reaches someone out there that might be a little confused in what it takes to maintain any relationship. I may not have a perfect track record with everyone, but I know that it takes pretty much the same thing across to board to be successful. Flexibility, empathy, persistence, and of course love. Take that to heart. Talk soon…

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