Oh Bill…

Funny the title on this one might lead one to think that this one is gonna be about the case on Bill Cosby. But the joke’s on you because I have no idea what’s going on with Bill. All I know is that I just saw the Cosby’s back on the air the other day. . I’m actually talking about a guy I met named Bill that told me an interesting story one night when I was out. We were talking about exercise because he had just asked me what I do and that’s pretty much where conversations go when people don’t have anything else to talk about. Bill was telling me about how he had just gone back to the gym after being out for almost a month.

I asked him why and he replied:

“Something pretty stupid”

He then told me about how he was coughing and then ended up in the hospital with bronchitis. Apparently, he had been coughing pretty hard for something like 3 weeks and he chalked it up to a bad cold.

Bad idea…

That cough suddenly turned into bronchitis and he said that if he hadn’t decided to take action it could have gotten much, much worse. The only reason why he even went in the first place, was because his relatives kept hounding him about it. Bill ended his story with a funny little quote that really made me want to share his story

He said, “I learned a lesson when they told me to stay overnight. I guess that’s why I’m not a doctor.” This is an absolutely true story that is not unlike many that I’ve heard in the past. Many people simply think they know more than they really do. But when it comes to life and death situations, the truth becomes a little more evident. It shouldn’t have to come down to a life or death situation to know that confidence is powerful but not as powerful as having the knowledge behind it.

I hope this story helps to remind you that we all can be more powerful when you choose knowledge over rhetoric and dogma. If you need some more help in getting be powerful, one great place to start is your body. One great way to get started is here:

General Fitness Company Inner Circle

Jerry “cough, I’m okay” Washington

P.S. Whether you perceive them to be good or bad it’s always good to have new experiences (unless they are life threatening, like with Bill). New experiences offer you the opportunity to learn and help you think outside of your current realm of thinking. Talk soon…

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