No Regrets

…Call me a little bit crazy, but I think I was more scared to stay where I was than anything. You see, growing up, I was always picked on. People used to call me names and made fun of me because I was different. I didn’t have a dad around to talk to and my mom, well mama bear loved us and sacrificed more than you can imagine for us, including time with her children.

But what I learned from all that was that I had to be responsible for my own happiness. Allowing myself to regret anything almost seemed silly and pointless. It eventually became my experience that living with regret is a fate much, much worse than the prospect of failure.

But listen up brotein shake, I’m not writing this to tell you that you should quit your job and be an entrepreneur like me. Although I do believe this world needs more entrepreneurs, what I’m really telling you is that if you want to achieve ANYTHING in life, you have to have a little courage.

I would like you to consider that you have to have courage because your decisions might not always be accurate in predicting where something might eventually lead you. You could have the intention to start a job for a few months to help cover the bills then you blink and you’ve been at it for 5 years. Or you could be in a relationship of convenience, then before you know it, you’re years down the road and you’re miserable. Courage really is the only way you’re gonna be able to change any of that in your life.

It takes a lot of courage and a little bit of pain when facing a life change, but when it comes to staying the same it’s just the opposite. There’s not much courage to it and it involves a lot of pain. It’s just that sometimes we get so numb to the pain you don’t even realize how far you’ve slipped.

So how do you solve this? How do you get and keep courage? 

Well, it’s simple but not easy. You know that pain I was talking about? Sometimes it’s the only way to get what you want in life. Sometimes it’s by no fault of your own and you get blindsided by it. Then other times you gotta bro up and face that pain straight on.  But it’s when you take a step away from comfort, that you take the first step towards courage.

Jerry “contagious courage” Washington

P.S. I’ll go into more detail throughout the week. You’re gonna enjoy this entertaining account of my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Speaking of which, I messed up on that opening date. It’s not the 20th but Saturday the 19th. (My bad) Potluck is still on the 26th. Please RSVP with what you’re bringing. Thanks for reading. Talk soon…

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