Sloppy Seconds

It may or may not sound kinda funny to you coming from me
But you know what?
I’m kinda normal…
Like, I have fears, addictions, shame, and everything in between
It’s pretty much all the stuff that you’ve thought that no one else thinks. 
But the difference, sugar lips, between myself and the average person is that
I’ve put years into self development and while I’m not claiming to know it all
The knowledge and practical skills that I’ve acquired along the way have helped
Me to be able to teach these strategies and tactics to “normal” people. 
That being said, even though I have founded a company that’s pursuit is to
Help others live out their potential in fun, fitness, finance, and fulfillment
I sometimes mess up along the way.
This past week or so, I have to admit I’ve not been on
And my mentor let me know…
Big time!
I have a mentor (actually 2) that I turn to for feedback on my progress in 
All aspects of my business, including these emails. 
I’d say that I spend 80% of my month receiving feedback and learning
And the other 20% trying to teach what I’ve learned.
Lately, I’d been slacking on the learning and my mentor has a very creative
Way of giving me criticism. He calls it the “crisandwichism”
Which is where you surround your criticisms with positive feedback.
Here’s what he said to me last time we talked.
He said, (from my notes): Good consistency in emails and good
Increase in your network and reach
But it seems like the content you’re writing about isn’t really reaching 
Your audience and it has looked a little sloppy lately 
Maybe take a few more seconds to reread what you’ve written to 
Make sure that you are as clear as I know you are capable of being
I’ve seen more relatable content from you in the past.
It’s a great way to provide feedback and it gently guided me onto a more
Direct path to where I want to go, rather than shaking me and hoping
That I find my way without any real feedback.
So that’s what I got for you today. A bit of a confession and a tip from
One of my mentors on how to give positive feedback. Use this info wisely.
Jerry “360 feedback” Washington
P.S. Both giving and receiving feedback is absolutely crucial to growth in 
Any field or endeavour. I can’t tell you how many people I see that get
Butt hurt over the slightest bit of criticism. But there are also people on the 
Other side that constantly criticize, but never offer any constructive 
Feedback to try to actually help the person. I hope that you can use this
To help you in your personal growth. If you would like more tips and info like this
You can join my private Facebook group Project SELFFY to join our discussion.
Talk soon…

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