Kool-Aid Man Needs a Helmet

Have you ever just had enough?
Oh boy, I have some interesting training
Clientele for both my indoor and outdoor sessions

They come from all walks of life and all of them
Bring something to my life that is reminiscent of
My liberal arts education I received from the
Good old College of Gustavus Adolphus

Check this out
I’m having a session with one of my male clients
He’s older so I don’t push him as
Much as I do others, but our workouts
Are still challenging

I could see that he just wasn’t giving it the ole’ college try
I asked him what was up and
He was telling me that he was going
To have a tough day at work so
I tried to give him some things that
Would challenge him to stay present
During our workout

We were doing modified pistol squats (one legged squats)
And he just grabs his water bottle and walks off
Wasn’t really struggling,
Still had plenty of time left on his session
He just leaves mid set


I stewed over that for a bit
Did I do something wrong?
Did he injury himself and not want to admit it?
Did he crap himself?

I saw him again on Saturday and before I could say
Anything he looks at me as he steps off the treadmill
And says to me,
Sorry about the other day
I just couldn’t mentally get into the workout
And I just felt like I would rather than waste both
Our time,
Step away and come back when ready


This guy may not be a stellar athlete, but you
Know what cupcake?
This guy knows some things that normal humans don’t
And that decision probably explains why he boot strapped
3 separate companies to be multi-million dollar
Organizations across Pennsylvania
Honestly, I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to
Have contact with people like him consistently

Any who, this guy was following one of the cardinal
Rules of exercise

Don’t train if you’re not gonna get gains

Don’t be afraid to walk away from something if its
Not working
It’s ok to step away just make sure you’re coming back
With more fire than when you left.

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Jerry “No crash helmet needed” Washington

P.S. I kept thinking of those commercials from the 80’s where Kool-Aid man would crash through walls and deliver some of his contents to the kids. First of all ewww gross and second of all, since he just crashed through a wall without like a lid or a hat, wouldn’t he have all kinds of debris and wall shrapnel in his pitcher body? Double gross dude! Keep that nasty plaster filled, bodily fluid Kool-Aid shiz away from me. Well anyway here’s an homage to TBT (Throw Back Thursday) with this new spin on an old school character. https://youtu.be/-dyyo6CAedM?t=4s

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