Happiness Ever After?

Can you be happy all the time?

Is it actually possible?

Well, brozilla I’m gonna answer that with one word.


You can’t be happy all the time. There are times when life is gonna have you in some tough spots. You’re gonna complain, you’re gonna be happy about your situation, you’re gonna want to get away for awhile.

It’s ok. Happiness isn’t forever. But you know what is? Fulfillment.

Happiness is a feeling that you get when circumstances go in your favor.

When you’ve predicted something that you want to happen or when something unexpected happens in your favor you’re bound to be happy.

But what happens when the world is going to crap around you?

You see fulfillment comes from the inside. When you control your own emotional state, you will find that you can choose to feel any way you want.

Now, I’m not gonna say you should be happy all the time, that’s a form of psychosis, but what you can do is not beat yourself up when things aren’t going your way.


It’s all about having control and awareness. If you are aware that something doesn’t feel right, then work on taking control of the situation and making a change. Whether, it’s because of finances, or something someone said to you, or you just don’t feel good about your current physical condition, do something to change it.

You could get a second job or do like I did for a bit and sell stuff on Ebay.

Someone says something that doesn’t sit well with you? Address it. Tell them (not in a mean way) about it. Just make sure you tell them and not someone else.

And of course the most controllable…if you aren’t in shape, eat less (bad) food and exercise more.

Of course, like I said there are times when circumstances are not in your control and that is when you have to seriously have that control of your own emotions to know that:

No one (okay maybe a few people) are doing things because of you. Nothing happens TO YOU. People just do stuff and your brain makes up stories about why they did what they did.

So what it really all boils down to is one thing. The stories that we tell ourselves are what really determine our reality.

What you say is what you believe. So believe what you say and take control of your emotions and your life.

Jerry “happy face” Washington

P.S. I encourage you to honestly take a look at your emotional state and where you are placing blame for your own emotions. Then I want you to take responsibility for those feelings and stop blaming everyone else for the way YOU feel. Love or hate, uncomfortable or not, NOBODY can MAKE you feel ANYTHING. Talk soon…

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