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I can’t believe it…okay, maybe I can a little. I gained 7 pounds this weekend. Damn parties and crab cakes…and beer…

NE hoo, Enuff about my falling off the wagon. Let’s talk about you for a second.

You know, just as much as I do, that 12 crab cakes are just too many cakes. You know that because of experience, maybe you haven’t eaten 12 crab cakes yourself, (or maybe you have…) but there is enough evidence out there for you to figure out that trying to eat ALL the seafoods would not end well.

But why do we do things like that, that aren’t good for us? I’m sure you can probably rattle off one or two things that you’ve done recently that aren’t the best things for you.

It’s like you know they don’t work for you, but you still do them anyway.

Is it because you aren’t motivated to change?

Believe me, broflake, deciding to change what you’re doing is rarely ever truly a matter of motivation. It’s actually a matter of changing the story we’re telling ourselves.

^^^Read that again brozilla

A lot of times people can be reactive to their thoughts. One thing to consider is to think about what you are feeling when you are feeling it.

Recognizing your feelings can help you identify when you are becoming a victim of your own stories.

Now, this is one of many practical solutions that I learned when I was in the psychology and counseling world, but they actually apply to everyday life.

Sometimes it’s not more motivation that we need, it’s simply a better solution.

Jerry “tighter pants” Washington

P.S. I’ve got a better solution for you if you’re looking for more on this topic. I’ve started a podcast that starting to gain some steam with guests and a certified co-host. If you’re interested in listening to us talk about more ways to help you get motivated to make a change, check out the General Fitness Companycast on iTunes or just click here. Talk soon!

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