Tags…You’re It?



Is it really worth it? Does a blog really get out your message?

Well if you suck, the first few words turn people off and then on they

Go to the next blog, porn site, facebook post…what have you.

This is making me a little Nervous


But seriously man, I think it was Hemingway that said that

If he wrote for 20 years, but didn’t show it to anyone

And he died without anyone knowing his works

It would all still be worth it.


Really bro? I couldn’t imagine anyone saying that in this clickbait society

Where everyone is constantly spouting opinions about everything from haircuts

To the way awards nominees should be announced.


Seriously, everybody’s gotta fucking opinion.


But you know what broseph?


There’s a hashtag that you may or may not have run across

If you’ve read my “work” before.





You see people running around getting all butt hurt, because they

Weren’t tagged in something or didn’t get recognition for something.

Man, where I’m from, when you don’t get recognition you don’t get mad

You go out and earn that shit dude.


History’s greats didn’t just appear out of thin air. They all worked on it.

And man this was before click funnels and fake news and all the

“Look at me” tools we have at our disposal.


The best way to get people to “Look at me (you)” Is to put out work.

Good work too man. Don’t just be half asssing stuff for the sake of

Saying you did something.


I go on rants sometimes, like this because I see these things in myself.

I too know that I can improve. I don’t always feel like it, you know?

My shit’s not always on point…But you know what, I’m pleased

Because either way, the experience I gain will add to my growth.



You may be a blog writer like me trying to create an audience

Or you may be trying your hand at some other endeavor.

The thing to remember is that no matter the outcome

You always win if you learn from your failures

And celebrate your accomplishments




Jerry “oooh a rant” Washington


P.S. Yup just a random off the cuff rant. I hope to read it later and chuckle.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon…





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