“Egg” Ceptional

Just coming off a Super Bowl win that pretty much everyone knew was gonna happen (cept for the Rams and their fans) and it feels good to know my team walked the talk.

NE hoo, although it sometimes seems futile to go against the best, many times it’s worth it. The Pats are great, but they aren’t always the best. They’ve been to the most Super Bowls and are tied for the most wins, but they also are one loss away from being the losingest team as well.

My point here is that you can’t always be the best. Sometimes you get beat, but not just that, sometimes you beat by the most unexpected opponent. I’m reminded of that egg that just won instagram and beat the behemoth brand of the Kardashian name by getting the most likes on a social media post.

At the end of the day, you never know what the possibilities are for success. You may win despite not being the sexiest or “most appealing,” but you can also lose for no reason. So that being said, why not just work hard and be you? If there really is no guarantee you’ll win at anything, even if you’re “the best,” why not just do your best to be who you are?

I mean, if an egg can win and a GOAT (that’s Greatest Of All Time) can win, surely you have a chance at least once inna while, right? Just keep plugging away and never be ashamed of your best effort.

Jerry “my team won” Washington

P.S. There are so many people winning just being themselves. Most people don’t realize that the best in the world are by no means perfect. Nobody has to be perfect to win in life. All you actually have to do is play and play to the best of your ability. You really never know who out there will appreciate your authenticity and genuine effort. Be you…Talk soon!

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