Didn’t I See You At The Bar Yesterday?

Today, I was getting it in with a little Mountain Moving Monday of my own. I was working out and dancing like I always do and someone came up to me and asked me what I was training for.

I guess when you look like you’re working harder than the rest of the gym combined and dancing while you do it, people are bound to ask questions.

His follow up question I have to admit, left me a little bewildered.

He asked me if he saw me at the bar on Sunday.

I was like Sunday? Like yesterday Sunday?

Naw bro, wasn’t me. I rarely go out to bars anymore, especially on Sundays.

I guess that wasn’t his real question, because he somehow turned it into a conversation and pretty much just dominated my workout by talking my ear off.

Dude, I’m wearing headphones and I have limited time before my next client.

Fuck bro!!!!!

I’m sure we all have been witness to this type of douchebaggery from some lameO who decides that his workout (or lack there of) is more important than yours.

But alas, I gave up and pulled the old switcheroo.

I asked him if he wanted to workout with me and that pretty much was gonna be his death sentence if he’d agree.

Unfortunately, he didn’t, but did walk away to go bother someone else.

This is what really gets me about gyms. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience at some point in time as well.

You see squatty pants, this is a little phenomenon I alike to call “the black hole workout”

Its when someone has a workout that sucks so bad, he has to suck the life out of every workout in the vicinity and you’re left with nothing, but a headphone dangling out of one ear trying to focus while this guy steady yammers about nonsensical uninteresting topics.

The worst part was that by the time I got him to walk away, it was time for me to get ready for my next client…

If this has ever happened to you I suggest you try the General Fitness Company.

We talk at appropriate times and always make sure you have an awesome workout.

You don’t have to take my word for it though.

We were once again mentioned in Philadelphia magazine as the best outdoor boot camp in Philly.

It’s really simple. Either putz around the gym hoping that you don’t run into “that guy” or join the best fitness program in Philadelphia.


At the end of the day whether you are just starting or are a seasoned gym rat. We have just what you need.

A fun workout with guaranteed results.

Ready to give us a try?

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Jerry “ever feel like you’re being watched?” Washington

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