Depressed? Never! (maybe)

I was talking to a woman in the gym the other day and
She was telling me about how little time she had
When she had young children
Yet she was so productive

She explained to me that every day she used to wake up
At around 5AM to work out and go non-stop from
To work
Back to the kids
And BACK to work for a few hours before bed
Only to do that for a little while

Now I know what you’re thinking buckaroo
What does that have to do with me?
Well I’ll tell you
The moment she had the opportunity to drop that insane routine
She got depressed

You see, when her children got older
She didn’t have to get them prepared for school,
So she dropped her early morning exercise routine
And elected to do it after work
The thing was however, she always found
Excuses to do something else other than work out
At the end of the day (sound familiar?)

Now I get it, life is hard and your struggle is different than mine
But we all have struggles
She had ‘em
I have ‘em
We all ride the struggle bus from time to time
But the key is to not let it get to you hombre

Now early morning exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
But my program is one that will make you happy
You got out of bed
And make you more productive throughout the day
More productivity throughout the day
Makes you get noticed
When you get noticed you get a promotion
You get a promotion you have more money
And when you have more money you can spend more time
Doing things you love

General Fitness Company = Happiness

There’s your proof that I can make your life better
You just have to discover on your own how
Having something as little as 4% of your day
Organized for you can have such a huge impact on
The rest of your life

There’s no denying it, you have a choice
Hope that you can find a way to be happy
Or know that you will be happy with my
Proven exercise equals happiness formula

Get your happy here:

Jerry ”making lives better since  1981” Washington

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