Zuck You Zuckerberg

You ever make a mistake that you immediately
Wish you had back to do over again?

Started to do some online research this morning
Because I like to make sure that everything that comes
Out of my mouth is the most up to-date health
And fitness information

I then made THE mistake
You know which I mean
Just plodding along getting stuff done
Then you think to yourself “good job”
I deserve a break
Let’s see which friend sucks up the most
Time for me on the good ‘ole Flakebook

Ok so maybe your fix isn’t club FB,
Maybe it’s something else like
Well… it doesn’t matter
You don’t need me to tell you

What I’m getting at here bruh is that
Distractions can be a bitch,
They take you off course and
Often never bring you back
(that’s how you end up with like 100 bookmarked sites)

We all deserve to be successful

The road to success becomes illuminated
When we refuse to accept distractions as reasons
For failure

I might have read that somewhere,
But it feels like I thought that up myself so I’m
Going with it

Simple equation

To get the same results you always got
Simply continue to do the same shit then
Make the same lame excuses for why you didn’t succeed

When you join my program you will have

Access to a trusted network of certified dieticians and nutritionists, many of them offering their services FREE OF CHARGE

Incentives for attendance to our fitness training

Supportive members that encourage your attendance and
Make you feel welcome

There is a time in everyone’s life when they just have to say
And make a change
Make the decision to be happier and  basically more awesome

I’m cutting my social media surfing time by 30 mins a day for the next month

What are you gonna do?

May I make a suggestion?

Jerry “Fed up with fight video posts ” Washington

P.S. If anything I said offended you, GOOD
I can’t help you by telling you what you want to hear

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