What’s Your State?

Well, I hear a lot of people ask the question that if there was a God, then why would all the “bad” stuff happen to us and our loved ones? And the thing we have to consider is that it’s not for us to come up with the mysteries of the universe. At least not on an individual basis. Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant in any case, because what’s most important is not what’s happening to you, but what’s happening inside of you.

Choosing the way you feel is an important part of staying present and powerful in your own life. And if you can choose your emotions you can control your physical state and consequently, much of your results as well.

So if you want to be present and feel powerful, all you have to do is choose to be…


How Do You Choose (To be powerful)?

Well, that’s the not so simple part. Choosing comes with practice. You see, often times, people get stuck in their conditioned way of thinking and literally CAN’T choose. They’re stuck in a reactive mindset.

You don’t wanna be stuck in a reactive mindset broham, believe me. When you’re reactive, you have no control over your feelings, emotions, and actions. If you’re looking to be powerful then I would have you consider that the way to go is by being proactive or setting a positive mindset before you’re triggered by outside stimuli.

The best way to practice setting your mindset is through meditation. Getting in contact with your inner self and the real you can help you to feel grounded and at peace. Instead of letting the world control you and your emotions, you control them.

Another way to choose your power is by just sitting quietly when no one is around and observing the world around you. You wouldn’t believe how much that can help you start to create a space between your reaction and what’s happening to you.

At the end of the day, the goal is to create as much space between what is happening and your reaction. If you can practice not attaching your emotions to what happens to you in life, you will find that your strength will be immeasurable and everything that seemed impossible will simply fall into place just because you’re unreactive to situations in life.

In short Power = Presence + Awareness

Jerry “picky” Washington

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