Your(e) History

Growing up, I always loved astronomy and cosmology

So I got to thinking…

One year is nothing compared to that of the history of the world

I’m not going to try to pretend I’m an astronomy professor here, but I think

I can break down our history of the universe in less than 500 words

In the beginning there was pretty much nothing going on

Like zilch<—scientific term

Then some atoms started mixing and gasses got hotter.

Started turning into stars

The stars got hot

Like uber hot <—also scientific term

So they started cranking out all kinds of complex atoms and molecules like the ones we see on Periodic Charts

Those come together and formed complex organisms like dinosaurs.

Then those dinosaurs became extinct because of a huge disaster

Well not really a disaster.

It’s actually because of that disaster that we eventually became to be.

What exactly is the point of this history lesson Jer-Bear?

The point is that throughout history everything evolves to become more complex

Until they can’t

Then they die.


Think about this for a sec…

The dinosaurs lived for a whooooooole lot longer than we have. (165 mill years to our 280,000 years so far…)

They were bigger, stronger, and could travel much further distances with less energy.

Then why did they die and we emerge in the ice age?

They never evolved their intelligence.

They just stayed big dumb, wastes of space

You see in life, just like in the beginning of time, there’s nothing

Emptiness and opportunity

You may experience what seems to be disaster at times, but know that according to history

The opportunity for new even more complex, outcomes becomes more probable.

WE are the future.

Collectively and individually

Evolve or die

That’s nature’s motto and it applies to every single one of us now.

It is your responsibility to educate yourself and allow yourself to be educated.

So what say you broseph?

Are you contributing to the cause?

How are you actively acquiring, sharing, and practicing knowledge?


It’s crunch time Bro Montana and if you are sitting there thinking that the good life

Is just gonna show up at your door,

Man I got news for you.

But you probably don’t want to hear it.

So I’ll save you the time

And just leave this right here for you to ponder

Evolve Here


Jerry “Revolutions start with evolution” Washington


P.S. Nothing today, but thanks for checking. Talk soon…

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