You Mad Bruh?

So I’m human and sometimes I get mad at the most trivial of things, but what do I do to make myself feel better?

Why talk about it of course!

Don’t worry, I won’t be dragging you thorough my my personal life.


I would like to mention the importance of trust.

You see when I was a young buck, I used to trust no one. I mean NOT A SINGLE SOUL. I used to think that I could do things on my own and that people that were trying to help, just had their own best interests at heart.

While, it may be true that people have their own best interests in mind, I’ve found that not to be a reason to have a teammate or partner.

The thing is broseph, you can’t expect to do anything worthy of doing without some help. Hell, I even get a little help with these emails!

So as it is with fitness. A lot of people work out on their own. You know elliptical machines, bikes, pumping iron, and running on the treadmill. Only problem is, just like the treadmill, you are working your butt off only to go absolutely nowhere.

Now that’s not to say that you can’t get results on your own, but boy it sure is a whole hell of a lot tougher to think of creative workouts on your own, do them correctly, motivate yourself, stretch properly and then eat the right things after.

But with The General Fitness Company it’s all pretty much done for you. All you really have to do is execute.

How cool is that?

If you’re tired of hitting the treadmill and eating chicken and broccoli everyday, because that’s what some meat head told you to eat to lose weight, well then do I have a suggestion for you

The General Fitness Company.

Try it. First one is as free as these emails and way more effective at helping you stay in shape.

Will today be your day? Click here to start now:

Jerry “Woosah” Washington

P.S. My computer is back, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel like an 80 year old man trying to figure out how to use this thing again sheesh. Be on the look out for this month’s newsletter as well as a little surprise to help you get started with us today 🙂

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