Why You’re Lucky…

You ever have one of those days where everything goes your way? Like you wake up a minute before your alarm, walk out the door and find $200 on the street, and coast into work with no traffic whatsoever? Maybe you haven’t had a day that’s THAT lucky, but I’d be willing to bet that you’ve felt lucky from time to time.

Found money

Today’s “Motivation Monday” and we’re obviously talking about luck here today. I’d like you to think back for a moment to your luckiest day. How did you feel? Grateful? Blessed? Opportunistic? 

Everyone’s Lucky

Well, what if I told you that everyone on this earth is EXTREMELY lucky? How could this be, you say? Aren’t there starving people in Africa? People being enslaved and mistreated all over the world? Didn’t you just stub your toe last week? That can’t be what I’m talking about here, is it?

Well, actually it is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Let me put it to you this way. First of all, no matter your circumstances, the fact that you can even read this right now is extremely lucky. You’re either reading this from a smartphone or a computer and the fact that you can read is huge. Those two factors alone land in the top 1% of the world.

What Are The Odds?

But let me tell you why we’re all really lucky. 400 trillion to 1. That’s the chance that you have of being born a human. To be honest, that’s actually a conservative estimate of you being anything else other than human. (That’s not even taking into consideration the probability of you even existing over the span of known time.) You could have been a tree, a housefly, or even a praying mantis. Either way, you should be so lucky as to be born a human. The ultimate alpha species. The winner of the lottery of lives. You and 7.8 billion (or so) just like you. Walking around doing things and winning with every thought, breath, and action.

Start today to do something great

Lucky you…

Jerry “luckiest thing alive” Washington

P.S. Life can be tough sometimes, I get that. But what keeps me motivated is perspective and gratitude. I admit, there are sometimes when I’m down and even not super positive, but it’s not often. To be honest, I rarely have an entire day like that. It’s just so hard to be negative when you know that you have the power to change everything in a single moment with a simple change in attitude…Talk soon!

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