Why It Isn’t Your Fault

He was one of the greatest of all time, but it wasn’t because he was born that way. 

Michael Jordan won his first title in 1991 and in the book I just finished reading, The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith we find a different side of Jordan that exemplifies (nice word) what it takes to be a champion.

So here goes…today’s “Tell It Tuesday” where we talk about fear and ways to conquer it. Keep your eyes peeled because I have some practical advice for ya towards the end.

It’s important to recognize that it wasn’t until Jordan, who most would consider a legend, never really did it on his own. I mean Jordan in his first championship didn’t even hit the shot that won the game…it was a little-known player named John Paxson who also happened to be the lowest paid starter in the league.

We’re gonna leave this one here today with this: It’s important that you consider the company you keep. 

You can do a lot on your own. I have a lot of faith in you, but I would have you consider that keeping track of who’s around you, that is to say, making sure that everyone around you compliments your skillset (and mindset) is THE most important part of accomplishing anything great. 

Jerry “3 peat ” Washington

P.S. The punchline here is that to achieve greatness, you don’t necessarily have to be great yourself, but you DO have to recognize what works. One thing that I have found that really works is to take a look at your circle of contacts at least once a year and determine who you are going to replace. Just like a team that is reloading for another championship, you have to always make sure you surround the star (that’s you) with complementary talent.  Talk soon…

P.P.S. Just so we’re clear, I’m not saying you should get rid of your friends or cut them off. It’s just that sometimes it’s easier just to spend a little less time with those who don’t desire to improve while simultaneously searching for more like-minded individuals to be a part of your team. Okay, I’m really gonna go now. Thanks for reading!

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