Where Does It All Go?

So the question is, where does all the fat go when you’re losing weight? Does it turn into energy? Is sweat literally your fat crying? Well actually, kinda. Let me explain…

You see, what we know about fat is that is composed of basically hydrogen and carbon. When you get rid of it, it comes out as carbon dioxide and water.

If we think about this, the only way you can get rid of fat is to find a way for your body to get rid of air and water FASTER than you can consume it. Or, in other words…


Sure, I may be simplifying things a little, but honestly not much. It’s actually very simple. Now, there are simple nuances that make you more susceptible to losing faster, like eating fewer sugars, because those sugars more readily become fat if you don’t burn it off.

Essentially, what it all boils to is that you don’t just turn fat into nothing. It has to go somewhere. Where it all goes is into your breath when you breathe and your sweat as well as other things when we move.

So Can Simply Breathing More Do The Trick?

Wouldn’t that be great if all you had to do was breathe more and you would burn fat? It actually is the case that when your body gets rid of fat, it’s 80% carbon dioxide. So that means you can just sit at your desk today and breathe harder right?


You’ll hyperventilate and pass out. Then you’ll find yourself with a nasty bump on your head that will prevent you from wanting to leave the house. Then, you’ll gain more weight because you didn’t go to the gym. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the thing here is that you have to move because that’s the only way your body releases the right hormones that release the trapped fat.

Your body is a biological machine, but it can be hacked if you know what you’re doing. But in the case of losing weight, it’s a pretty simple formula. calories in < calories out = fat loss.

Jerry “scientist” Washington

P.S. Sugar really is the hidden problem here, but the way to combat that is to make sure you have your fiber with your sugar. Things like fructose, or in other words, fruit give you the ability to eat sugar, but because your body doesn’t necessarily digest it, the sugar doesn’t get processed the same as if there were no fiber like with candy. NE hoo, thanks for reading…Talk soon!

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