Where Did Mo Go?

Have you ever jumped as far as you can?

What about running and jumping as far as you can?

There is a reason why there’s a difference between the broad jump and the long jump.

Why? Because…science

And a little thing called momentum


You see, momentum is momentous when it comes to (not) reaching your goals.

When you generate momentum, everything becomes easy.


The secret to winning at life is not just to work hard. It’s to decide what you want to do then work as hard and as fast as you can to generate a habit.

Success is like pumping water in one of those old-timey wells.

If you just kinda pump it a little at a time, you’ll never get anything. The pressure isn’t enough to generate any force.

But if you work hard and pump fast, you’ll find that after a while you won’t have to pump as hard.


Momentum, it’s a real thing. Use it or lose it when it comes to reaching your goals.


Jerry “give it umph” Washington

P.S. You can generate momentum very simply. Just write down a goal you have and commit to doing something every day that will get you closer to it. It doesn’t even have to be something direct. Something like making your bed every day can generate momentum in other places that also require discipline.


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