What’s Worse FEAR or PAIN?

I was enjoying a program the other day that talked about different fruits and vegetables and their various health benefits, some of these I had never heard of so I had to look them up

You probably know where this is going (down the Youtube rabbit hole we go…)

After about 2 hours of doing Fruit and vegetable research I came across a video called
Exposing the Illuminati From Within
You know that I love to hear about the occult life and about conspiracies and what not,
Plus the guy in it looked like one Of my college professors so I had to click.

The speaker apparently was a part of this infamous group and
He thoroughly discussed how many of its members had developed a dissociation

Meaning that these people had  pretty much formed a new personality when accepted into the organization

One woman was said to have had up to 50 different personalities!

It seemed odd he was talking about this at length in a talk about illuminati, but then it all
Became clear

Many of the people had already seen so much pain that there was no other way to deal with it.

In fact, and this will freak you out a bit, they almost liked it.

You see care bear, it’s sad, but it’s true for all of us in some degree or another

We can get so caught up in the pain of not having the life we want, that it comes to be almost an expected part of life
Thus (nice), possibly creating an unfavorable situation that perpetuates out of fear of the unknown rather than one that leads you away from pain.

So broseph, what the speaker was essentially saying here was

If you want to live a better life, I mean a really better life, not just temporarily, you have to let go of the fear and embrace the pain.

Change is rarely easy, but any change that is worth it, is worth the “discomfort”

Same with fitness dood
You can’t be scared
And you must certainly don’t get anywhere with inaction
So what the hell are you waiting on?

I want you to live a better life. The way I see it, the more people around me that have awesome lives, the more they can send that positive energy to spread their light.

If you are ready for me to help make your life better and for you to help others in return then I suggest you take a gander over at

The General Fitness Company
If you are not interested in making a change in your life and you are happy with the perpetual treadmill (or elliptical) of pain from lack of results then I believe my program is not for you, but thanks for reading anyway…

Jerry “PAIN> FEAR” Washington

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