What Makes Us Great?

Well, well, well, so we’ve come across a serious question here.
I’ve been asked this question a bunch of different times in even
More different ways than I can count.
The answer is actually quite simple.
The very thing that makes us great, is also the very thing that
Holds many of us back from said greatness.
And what is that you ask?
And to break that down even further, our thoughts.
You see Alex Brobeck, our thoughts control EVERYTHING
Probably even more than you realize, so the best way to
Get what you want hot lips, is to control your thoughts.
Jerry “mind control” Washington
P.S. History’s greats weren’t just born courageous
They manifested that courage by being consciously aware
And present to their thoughts. 
This may sound a little new agey, but I promise you I can
Try to make sense out of all this for you.
Consider how often you think about a red banana
You don’t right?
But now you can’t get it out of your mind.
It’s the same thing with your thoughts.
We have a jillion thoughts rolling around in there so it’s 
No wonder so many people have trouble keeping a 
Clear path to their red banana…ehem…goals.
One way to clear that path? Meditate. Just 5 minutes
Talk soon…

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