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Sometimes having all the knowledge and talent in the world means nothing when it comes to execution. I mean you see it all the time. Take sports for instance. A talented player might face some pressure and he’ll choke. It happens a lot, even to pro players. But why? Some people say it’s nerves, but being an athlete that’s had his fair share of big competitions, I can tell you exactly why some people always seem to crush it, while others have trouble even getting out of bed.

I’ve been a trainer and coach for many people over my 10+ year career and I’ve noticed that it seems that your words and thoughts dominate your reality. Now, I know you’re probably saying that this is woo-woo type stuff here, but hear me out brochacho. There are multitudes of studies that indicate that our thoughts control our actions (and vice versa). For example, according to one Harvard study, it was revealed that “emotions constitute powerful, pervasive, and predictable drivers of decision making. Across different domains, important regularities appear in the mechanisms through which emotions influence judgments and choices.” In other words, whatever emotional state you’re in, will control your decision making. One important thing to remember about that is that not all of your decisions are conscious…

Your Thoughts Affect Your Body

thoughts dominate action

Face it broham, your psychology affects your physiology. So if you’re thinking that your negative thoughts and words are helping to motivate you, you’re absolutely incorrect. Just remember that there are countless people throughout history who have succeeded (and failed) mightily because of the thoughts running through their heads that dictated their words and actions. So keep your thoughts and words positive. 

Jerry “watching his mouth” Washington

P.S. There is soooooo much more I want to say about this. I mean I literally have to preach this to my clients at least a half dozen times a week. I’ve also written about this recently when I was talking about setting goals for yourself as well. If you keep your mind positive than the possibility that you’ll have a more positive perception of the future. You can read more about how I almost guarantee how you can reach goals and keep them here.

Statements like: “I’m dying,” or “you’re killing me,” or “this is torture,” are forbidden in my studio because of the mindset that precedes it. I’ve seen it too many times in my experience as a trainer and as an athlete. Words absolutely dominate your thoughts and negative mindsets rarely (if ever) work when it comes to facing a challenge willingly. And the reason is simple. We always want to be right and sometimes you are even when you don’t want to be…Talk soon!

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