War Games

I’m going to start this off by
Admitting that I was not on the ball today.
I was still riding high off of this week’s events and just couldn’t bring myself to get everything done.

What did me in you ask?

Well broseph, since my computer is down, I find that the next best thing to use is the Kindle that I am currently writing to you from.
On it, is a game that I downloaded a few weeks ago called Game of War

Now, I might be able to justify my playing time with a very important lesson that I was reminded of as I saw my city destroyed in a matter of 25 mins

As you might have already gathered,
This game is about war
And in war you have to have a strategy.
I mean after all, war is all about winners and losers and as they say in the military

If you don’t plan on winning you better be planning your funeral

A bit morbid, but yeah sunshine, it pretty much gets the point across

I lost my city in the game and later lost a big chunk of my work day because I set up a war that I didn’t plan on winning.

I just didn’t plan

Normally, I have an outline or a visual of how my day is going to go. If I have a lot to do, I might even write them down on a few of my white boards to help me remember (yes I have multiple white boards…)

This time, no dice
Didn’t prepare last night and now all my work is behind schedule and I’m writing this email as I cook dinner.

The moral of the story?

Obviously, I suck at video games…

Well sorta, if you want to get stuff done that won’t get completed right away, you have to have a plan

War, like fitness isn’t won or lost in a day.

You can have a great workout one day and skip the next two. Without some sort of structure or, ehem, program
You are almost certain to fail and that means
Your city is destroyed
You lose valuable work time
You get outta shape then
You get fat

All because you didn’t have a plan. Don’t get me wrong stud muffin. I’m sure you’re a smart person and probably a decent planner like me, but we all lose our way sometimes and need someone to guide us outta the trenches.

You might be tired of having to start over again or fighting to even start at all. We’ve all been there, that’s why I encourage you to try out my program

We’re starting up our 28 Day Fat Furnace in less than two weeks. This is a great time to join an awesome team of supportive individuals that will help you to go from where you are, to where you want to be

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Jerry “I plan on planning” Washington

P.S. Here’s the link to the famous commercial that persuaded me to download the game. I like it for the horses and nothing else. I swear: https://youtu.be/UbiB-S8DBKw

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