Wake UP!

I was watching a program the other day about money.
It was pretty cool, but it was interesting how much we don’t know about

How cash even came to be in our country. (We didn’t start with it)

I’ll spare you the details and let you in on one thing. 
Not everything is as it seems and the best way to succeed is to be informed.
So I would have you consider that there is always a for everything better way, all the way into infinity. 
So if you’re stuck just settling for the results that you’ve always gotten…WAKE UP, because chances are
There is a better way for you to succeed. 
There is ALWAYS a better way.
Jerry “new direction” Washington
P.S. The best way to maintain your overall value is to invest. 
Stocks are not the only way to invest, you can also invest in yourself through
Seminars, books, mentors, and training programs. If you’re ready to invest
In yourself then I suggest you start by joining the conversation in my private 
Facebook group. No money needed just a willingness to discuss and acquire
Knowledge. Click to join the conversation at Project SELFFY Talk soon…

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