You can get cheap clothes

Cheap food

Cheap dates…the list goes on.

Its really your choice, but as for me

Life is for living.

Now don’t get me wrong buddy,

I’m not going to go broke

Trying to live the good life

Because keeping up with the “Jones’s” is for the birds.

But I do have a knack for putting my money

In the most economical and efficient investment

And that my friend is ME.

I don’t waste my time, money, energy, etc.

On things that don’t work

You see the “inexpensive” choice is rarely the

Best choice, but most of the time people settle for what they

Think they can afford. 

Not taking into account that

Settling rarely gets you motivated

Leads to inconsistent results

And most of all leads you

Further from where you started.

I never understood why anyone

Would knowingly waste money. 

Treat yourself to the best

Because you always have the potential  to be the best.

Jerry “Treat Yo’self” Washington


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Invest in yourself

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