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Unlocking Your Potential in 2 Easy Steps

A lot of people are trying to get to reach their potential. Many people think of IQ as something that measures how smart you are. And to that I say: non mon ami.

It’s actually a measure of your capacity so, someone like me who tests high on standardized tests at age 5 can still be dumb as a boogie boarder in Alaska at age 35 if he or she isn’t working his intelligence at capacity.

I would have you consider that successful people with a lower IQ (I know you can name a few) are actually excelling because they are using more of their capacity than someone who slacks off with an above average IQ.

It’s another case of “it’s not what you got, it’s how you work it.” You can’t expect to just be blessed with everything in life because you, at one point in time, maybe have shown your capacity to be great.

It’s an ongoing journey and it doesn’t stop until you do…Literally!

So how do you unlock your potential?

Step 1

Get rid of your excuses. I just eliminated one for you a couple of seconds ago. Everyone is smart enough to move forward in life. You just gotta want it for yourself. There is no obstacle that can stop you from achieving what you want in life if you really set your focus on your goal.

As I was saying, intelligence may have something to do with your success, obviously you have to have some basic skills, but not many. One of the main indicators of success in life is your personality and more specifically, your conscientiousness. Meaning how well can you take care of and help others.

This leads me into the next step…

Step 2

Understanding what it takes to help others, means that you, more or less, also can take care of yourself. When you know how to take care of yourself, life is much easier. So first learn to take care of yourself, then you can take care of others. Once you do that, you’ve got allies helping you get to the next level of success.

No person can do it all on their own. No matter how much they could claim it was “all them,” there is no one in the world that has that much power to control so many uncontrollable circumstances. So in a way you need everyone on your team if you’re going to unlock YOUR potential.

So as a review. Step 1- stop making excuses because just about everyone has the potential just not everyone realizes it because their excuses mask that reality. Step 2- learn to take care of yourself. All the inner workings of humanity lie within you. If you learn how you work. I mean really, really take the time to know thyself as the parable goes, then you really stand a chance of getting somewhere.

You can do it. You can be better than you ever have and you can achieve all you want. You just gotta start and never stop.

Jerry “potent” Washington

P.S. One thing to always remember is that we tend to gravitate towards comfort and away from pain. If you find that something is causing you pain in life, cut it out. Even if it means cutting off a friend that’s always negative or a habit that isn’t serving you any more…Talk soon!

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