To Kill A Whatever

Feeling like Atticus Finch right now                                                                                                                .
Ready to kill this damn bird that keeps
Squawking outside my window at
3:30 in the morning.
Ok, just had to get that off my chest
Hope you had a good Easter weekend
Mine was fun, but here we go again
Back to the grind.
I’d like to talk to you today about said grind.
Sometimes we all feel like that bird.
Singing our hearts out, putting in time
Sometimes at unGodly hours.
With absolutely no appreciation
(I hope no one wants to kill you though)
I know it can be hard, but let’s consider this.
For every bird that makes his presence known
There is a bird watcher out there looking for him.
In other words, You may not know it
But your hard work is being watched.
It may not be watched every moment of the day
But believe me, someone is paying attention.
I’ll leave you with this today.
If you ever think to yourself
“Fuck am I doing this for?”
Just remember there is someone out there
That thinks your song is beautiful.
Just don’t come around my house singing
That mess at 3:30AM on a weekday!!!!
Jerry “bird watching” Washington
P.S.  If you want more tips like these or if
You are hoping to have a conversation
With a few enthusiastic people that are
Just as excited about helping you progress
As they are about helping themselves, then
Check out my private Facebook group here
Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

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