For What It’s Worth…

Gotta minute?

How many times in your life have people

Stopped to ask for a moment of your time?

Question is, do you really have a minute??


Let’s see…


If we go by what the numbers say

People make on average about $55,000/year

So that means you would be losing about

45 cents a minute.

So you still got a minute?


I’ve been around a lot of successful people

Simply because of my profession and I’ll tell you

There is one common theme with every single

Success story among my clientele.

Not one of them ever wasted a second.


Let me tell you that there is a hidden value

In every moment that not many think about.

It is a cost that we pay for every moment of life.

Whether you are making money or not,

You are always paying for this one thing.


It’s called opportunity costs and today, we’re

Gonna look into what it’s really costing you.

Every time you do something, you are paying

To not do something else.


For example, when you go to the movies

Every minute you’re in there, not making money

You’re losing it and if you’re making around $50,000

A year, then you are gonna be losing about $48 for

That one movie (plus what you paid for the ticket)


Every moment you’re not making money, you’re losing it.

The problem with that is most people that realize this

Take it too far, by trying to work as many hours as possible

So they can take a big vacation to escape it all.

But that’s not really living either…


Who wants to spend all their time trying to make money?

You know the funny (or maybe not so funny) thing

Is that 90% of the world spends 45 or so years working

But at the end of it all, only about 10% have any money

To show for it.


I’m not trying to scare you or depress you Stevie,

Just let me show you the wonders (see what I

Did there) of being just a little different.


You see, if you look at the big picture, you’ll realize

That these are typical numbers. So what does that mean?

It means, that is what everyone else is doing.

If you make 50k then that means on average

You make close to $25 an hour.

But you don’t make that every hour.

Sometimes you earn less, sometimes you earn more.


The key to pushing your income levels up exponentially

Is to value each moment by making it your moment.


I’d like you to imagine each moment like a grain of sand.

Some moments are more significant (bigger) that others.

But the bigger the moment, the easier it is to fill the beach

That is your life (don’t they always say “life’s a beach?”)

Of course, it’s all about the appreciation for the small things

But it is much easier to appreciate those things when you

Have all the other big things already taken care of.


So I’d like you to consider this…

What if you made $50,000 in a day?

Would that mean the rest of your year was worthless?

Would you sit back and congratulate yourself on a

Job well done?


Time is either conquered or it conquers you and

Forces you to accept what it gives to others.

How will you conquer time and make it

Pay you your true value?


Jerry “time is money” Washington


P.S. I don’t want to sound like I’m greedy or money

Hungry, I just know what I’ve read and seen.

For instance, economist Daniel Hanneman and many

Others in the field of economics and human studies

Found that the breaking point for happiness

Is $75,000, that’s $25,000 more than the average

Person makes. So if you’re not making that, then

All I’m saying is that it really is time to make a change.

If not for your bank account at least for your happiness.

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