You’re The Best

It’s not every day that you have someone actually trying to put the attention right back on you, but I want to you to stop for a second and put your hand over your heart. You feel that there? It’s called purpose.


It’s your purpose that pumps through your heart and literally gets you out of bed. I want you to have a real cause that gets you amped up and ready to focus on what’s important…you.


You see, what most people don’t realize is that in today’s world of on-demand television programming and social media, we’re pretty much always distracted from our own life. I don’t want to be part of that distraction, however. Instead, I’d like to help you get “undistracted.”


So how do you shift from distracted to impactful? Easy. Use simple reminders.


I don’t have time to go into everything that I do to help myself and others stay focused on the important things in life, but I’ll leave you with this one hint today.




I would have you consider that the easiest way to go about that is to write down your goals.


Over a year ago, I wrote down on a sheet of paper that I put on my bathroom mirror that I will do more to help people. I also added in that I would make 6 figures doing it (and I believed it). I started trying to find different ways to help people and boom, 6 in the bank.


It’s simple, but not easy. Believe me, if it were easy everyone would be doing it. Not everyone can stay committed and there are a few that don’t even know where to start. I was both those people, but it wasn’t until I stopped trying to do it on my own that I came across the right mentors and supportive people to help me turn things around.


I would like to return the favor out into the world so, if you would like help getting started on achieving your goals and maintaining a real purpose that literally will have you excited to get out of bed every morning, contact me.


You can leave a comment below or you can message me here


Jerry “love yourself” Washington


P.S. I’m a fan of meditation as well. Getting in touch with the real you and your deepest desires is something that you don’t just come up with sitting on the couch watching t.v. It takes a little work to get all those distractions and unexpressed emotions out of your head.  For more on my proven mediation method that I teach to my clients click the link here to one of my previous posts about meditation. So apply named: How To Meditate. Talk soon…


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