The Secret to Perpetual Happiness…


So people have been asking me lately, why I’m better than

Any other trainer that they may have had or currently have now

And the answer to that is


I give you more of what you need and less of what you want

Don’t get me wrong care bear

I’m talking strictly from a business perspective here

Think about it

What turns you off about most about training?

The fact that it’s difficult right?

So why are coming to my program which is the most expensive in town?


NO! Anyone can tell you good job and kiss your ass

People come to me because I’m not one of those mushy

Trainers that feeds them positivity through every orifice

I tell the truth

I don’t yell

I just find the best way to get you to your goal

Is to be brutally honest

Dude I get it

The only guaranteed route to success is the one you create
Not the one people tell you to take

I’m not perfect either

In fact I’m sitting here eating a

Reese’s cup as I’m writing this

(half melted cuz it so hot today)

So honestly I don’t expect you to be


All I ask is that you be honest

With yourself




Not every day is going to be your best, cupcake

But you gotta believe me

A fine effort, no matter the outcome is always

A good start first step in perpetual happiness

Join the ranks of non-perfect

Perpetually happy people here:


Jerry “What Me Worry” Washington

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