The Past Is History…

Seriously, think about this…

100 years ago, we didn’t have

Computers, cell phones, cars

Let alone computers that hook up

To our cell phones in our cars.
It’s funny to think about how

Much has happened in such a short

Amount of time, all because of the

Sharing of information and knowledge.
Used to be a time when a high speed

Information connection was a guy on a

Horse yelling the “Red Coats are Coming”
Now we get pissed if our reality t.v shows

Buffer when we’re watching them On Demand.
Where am I going with this?

Where are WE going with this??
Our world is changing everyday.

In fact, it’s been changing since the beginning

When our ancestors roamed the plains in

Furs and pelts.
The only way you can survive and thrive

Is to adapt to the world around you

Like your ancestors did so many years ago.
Everything you do communicates what you

Hope the world to see from you.

But what do you see?

Do you see your past?

Do you see your failures
Your disappointments

Or do you see something else?
I personally see a world where we clearly

Communicate the desire to be heard

To share our story without fear.
I know you share the same vision

That’s why you’re here. Comment

Below with what you think these

First 100 years will bring to you,

This country, and even this planet.
Jerry “silent screams” Washington
P.S. So many people walk around

In fear that people will find them out

When sometimes they don’t even

Know who they really are themselves.
I would like to invite you to stop letting

Fear be guide long enough so that you can

Check out my private Facebook group

Project SELFFY, where you can join the

Discussion that is helping our members

Discover and act on what is truly fulfilling.

Talk soon…

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