The Only Way Up

When I was younger, I used to go to bible school. I remember learning about all kinds of biblical stories. I remember heroes like David, who slew Goliath. Abraham, who basically began his life at like 70. Or Moses, whom everyone knows to have single-handedly freed his people from slavery. I used to think all these people were awesome, but one thing that always scared me was walking in the valley of the shadow of death.
valley of shadow of death
Fear No Evil

Now, you can probably pick that story apart like 2 million different ways, but what I used to wonder is if someone is a good person, why would they have to walk through the valley in the first place? It wasn’t until within the past 10 years ago that it started to become clear to me.

I’d like to offer you my perception today on the valley of death and evil. As I said, you could probably pick this story apart in a lot of different ways, but when thinking of why so many people are unhappy in their lives, I’ve found one thing to be true. Most people have yet to truly go through suffering without faith. Let me explain.

Sacrifice Grrrr….

This might be a bit too esoteric for a fitness blog, but I’d have you consider the following. There hasn’t been anyone in the world EVER that’s gotten what they wanted simply by wishing for it. They worked hard. And that hard work burned a lot of doubts (and calories) on the way to a fitter more fulfilled life. 

TRX pike

As you know, life is not easy. However, if you consistently practice walking through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil, you’ll understand that in the end, faith through good work will always lead you to the promised land. Or, in other words, the only way for us up, is down. 

Jerry “Amen” Washington

P.S. Sacrifice sucks. Nobody wants to hear about it, talk about it, or even think about it. But honestly, it’s what a lot of people are lacking in their lives. Don’t get that confused with suffering though. Suffering unnecessarily is the sure way to remain sad and unfulfilled. Know what you want and get there by consistently challenging your body and beliefs until you’ve fortified yourself into someone that deserves whatever it is that you want…Talk soon! 

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