The Most Virtuous Virtue

Getting ahead in life requires you to hurdle some obstacles. It’s inevitable, if you are ever going to do something outside of your comfort zone, you will be met with some resistance.  At times it can be easy to just want to take the easy way out. Maybe do something a little less virtuous to alleviate a bit of the struggle.

I get it, but that’s why you gotta keep pushing.  Just because you’re a good guy, you can’t expect that the world owes you success. You have to take action, but most importantly it has to be now! You see, brocrastinator, when you don’t take action immediately, you get complacent. What you’re doing currently starts to look good enough and you begin to convince yourself that you’re comfortable where you are.

That’s when all of a sudden, panic starts to kick in. You wake up and realize that you’ve been coasting and you feel like something is missing. You try to fill the void with food, clothes, shoes, spirituality, but nothing makes you feel as virtuous as when you are actively doing something that takes you from where you are to a little bit closer to your goals.

But that’s not all. Just because you took one step closer doesn’t mean you’re ready to capture the world with your talents and charisma. That’s where 90% of the people fail (just made that stat up, but seems legit). Most people think that because they had a great idea or because they’re more accomplished than their friends, that they’re ready for center stage. But getting to be big time takes big time patience.

The most virtuous virtue. Patience. Most people have it for when they take action on their goals but are completely impatient when it comes to expecting results.

The way to achieve your goals and guarantee yourself the feeling of fulfillment is to be impatient. But only when taking action on your goals. Patience is best reserved for waiting for results.

Jerry “impatiently, patient” Washington

P.S. I might have to remove my daily blogger badge.  I’ve been a bit lax on my writing as of late. With my granny bear’s passing and moving into my new digs, it’s been tough. I simply haven’t been able to invest the time into writing something cohesive. So, if you’d like to receive daily fitness and lifestyle tips as well as a bit of motivation every morning, check out my inner circle. It’s free and all you have to do to join is click right here and enter your email address. Talk soon…

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