The Maddest People In The World

Everyone in this world is trying their best to continue improving throughout life. Some may do it a little faster than others, but nonetheless, we’re all doing our best. Sometimes, however, we come across a situation that brings that progress to a grinding halt and we’re faced with 3 decisions:

A) Cry and complain about it.
B) Sedate and ignore what’s going on
C) Simply do something about it

While most of the world oscillates between options A & B, me and my buddies over at General Fitness Company normally choose to go with option C. Today, I want us to talk about WHY so many people don’t just go forth and make a change.

One Word

I’m gonna sum it up in one word: Scarcity. Let me explain here. You see broham, scarcity is a condition in which you see the world from a perspective of lack. Your mentality is all about what you can get and how you can “win” in every situation.

The thing about that mindset is that you automatically cut off any opportunities for growth. Let me tell you a quick story. This one’s from the bible so you might recognize it.

There were two ladies that asked a wise king by the name of Solomon for some help. One lady was the mother of a baby and the other lady had stolen the baby and claimed it as her own.

The two fought endlessly about it until the king finally said, let us cut the baby in half and let it be fair that both of you have the baby. The mother immediately screamed “NO” and offered the baby to the thief.

For that, King Solomon knew she was the mother because of her unwillingness to see her baby harmed. The same applies to life. If you are unwilling to give up your baby/projects/resources etc, then you are not ready to move on to a higher state of being.

Moving On Up

We live in a world where there are always two forces at work. Push energy and pull energy. Sometimes you have to pull stuff in and sometimes you have to push stuff out. You can’t always take (consume) or else you will eventually become so full you won’t be able to do anything of value. Think of when you want to do something, but instead, you surf the internet for four hours. Or when you want to save money, but you always end up broke at the end of the month.

To the contrary, if you are always giving, you will eventually burn out and again lose your ability to contribute anything of value to the world. There are quite a few examples of this, but the most famous one was the report of how Mother Teresa died with severe depression and all but denounced Christianity.

So if you are having trouble moving up, it might be because you are burning yourself out trying to give too much away out of fear or you’re stuck in a low energy vibration where you take the short-sighted perspective of filling yourself up only to be eternally stuck on the same level because you’ve become a taker that never gives anything back.

The best way is to always give and reward yourself when the time is right.

Jerry “happy guy” Washington

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