The Greatness Inside Us All

Okay, it’s story time. You ready? Do you know who Soichiro Honda is? He’s the founder of Honda motors and this guy has a story that you need to know about!

So let’s get right to it. Soichiro grew up and always wanted to be an engineer. He was always a bit of a trouble-maker, as most entrepreneurs are. When he was younger, he learned to make a rubber stamp to forge his parents’ signatures on his poor test grades.

He later went on to invent the most effective piston rings of his time. Unfortunately, when he brought his idea to Toyota to work for them, they rejected him and he was sent to school for 2 years to become a formal engineer. Even after he graduated, Toyota never adopted his idea, so he went on to start his own company where eventually they accepted his idea and bought his rings. 

Things were going well until WWII when the U.S. bombed one of his production plants. Left with little, he sent his workers out to collect metal scraps from the war to keep his remaining plant active. The following year, his remaining plant collapsed in an earthquake. Damn! Talk about bad luck.

But he didn’t give up. Shortly after, he sold the remains of his plant to Toyota and started a motorized bicycle company. From there, the rest is history…

You see, the thing is that a lot of people have hopes and dreams. Sometimes they work out with little to no effort, but a majority of the time, that shit takes work. A LOT OF WORK. There may not be an earthquake or a bomb destroying your dreams, but understand that there are going to be obstacles in getting what you want in life. 

Those obstacles are meant to help you grow stronger. They will help you achieve more. Simply because every time you cross a hurdle you’ll gain confidence and you’ll also be even closer to your goal. So the moral of the story?

There’s greatness inside us all. You don’t have to be a genius engineer or even a charismatic leader. All you have to do is remember that your dreams will always be as such until your actions prove otherwise.

Jerry “the power of dreams” Washington

P.S. Today’s moniker is actually inspired by the literal slogan for Honda (I looked it up). Dreams have a lot of power and so do you. Hope I’ve/Mr. Honda inspired you today to live out your dream, whatever it is…Talk soon!

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