The Greatest

How would you judge how strong someone is?

Would you ask how much they could bench?

How much they could squat?

Have you ever considered asking how much they could problem solve?

You see, the unfortunate fact is that society wants you to believe that to be great you have to go be bravest, strongest warrior of all time.  Able to seduce people all while lifting heavy objects and running really fast. In all actuality, that’s not the way we actually measure greatness at all.

The thing is, the world as we know it, is not binary. Our problems are not whether you can lift a weight or not, they are way more nuanced.

That’s why asking for help is so important.

It’s not the ones that achieve success on their own that go down in history. The greats like Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr., Justin Timberlake, they all had a group of people either in the forefront or behind the scenes helping to run the show.

You want to be great? It’s as easy as getting help. But not just any help will do. You have to be able to not only attract people to your cause but good people to it.

That takes practice and skill.

But I get it, asking for help makes you feel incapable and vulnerable. But I don’t think that we can say that makes you weak. I think it makes you smart to have the self-awareness to know that you can’t accomplish greatness on your own.

Jerry “all together now” Washington

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