The Best Way To Spend…

I don’t know bout you, but the older I get, the more I realize that time is really precious.

Time wasters are a drain on your life.

Whether it be other people or something time consuming like trying to pick the perfect filter for your IG posts, we all hate to waste our money and our time.

So today I want us to talk about the easiest way to get both of them back. The greatest thing is that literally takes little to no effort at all once you get started.

You got a phone, right? 

Well, next time you leave the house, instead of listening to your favorite tunes or the local DJ go on and on about nothing in particular, try an audiobook or an educational podcast.

I personally have a long commute once a week so the opportunities for listening entertainment are almost endless. I have to say though that since I started “reading” more, my philosophies have dramatically changed and I feel like I see the world in a much clearer sense.

I’ve heard it said that the more you learn, the more you earn. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet take books with them to learn while on vacation.

These guys are probably some of the smartest people on the planet, yet they are still willing to humble themselves and try to learn more.

It makes you kinda think huh? Well, it does for me at least.

I think to myself, if these guys are reading at least 50 books a year, I should be trying for 100 because I’ve got some catching up to do ha!

I know you’re probably wondering what books you could start with. I’ve put together a list with a short description of what I believe to be the most important books as well as podcasts from my library. It’s definitely not a comprehensive list, but if you start with these you’ll definitely be off to a strong start.


The Decision Book-Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler: This book is actually better as a physical book because it has a ton of charts that literally show you over 50 strategies for decision making on very easy to follow charts.

Made In American-Sam Walton: Say what you will about Wal-Mart, Sam Walton made it what it was because he wanted to win and he also wanted to win over his employees. His story (although it is from his perspective) is a completely different one about kindness and what he learned in creating the first modern mega-corporation.

Subliminal-Leonard Mlodinow: An educational and entertaining book that talks about the effect of the subconscious on our actions. You’ll find different stories and interesting studies about how you can learn to read subliminal communication so that it helps you understand what people are really saying to you.

Way of The Wolf-Jordan Belfort: That guy from the Wolf of Wallstreet? He wrote a book. Apparently, he’s made his sales methods more scientific and ethical than how they’re portrayed in the movie. Interesting insight on how we’re all trying to sell something, whether it be training packages, or trying to convince your boss you’re a candidate for a raise.

Crucial Conversations-Kerry Patterson et al.: I’ve actually picked up the physical version of this book because I wanted to make notes. It’s so good for those situations where you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or you’re struggling to understand what they’re really trying to say to you.


The Gary Vee Audio Experience- I love listening to Gary! His principles on hustle and work being the only thing you can control really resonate with me. He’s also surprisingly meta with his appreciation of life and the unique opportunity we have to just be alive as a human being.

The Art of Charm- This is a fun one about social science and relationships. It features guests like famous authors, scientists, or sometimes actors and they talk about what they’ve found to be their most impactful methods for success.

Mysterious Universe- It may sound like a fun one and it is, but it’s so much more for me. The stories the two hosts talk about with Bigfoot sightings and UFOology as well as pretty much everything else from the occult is very interesting. A lot of research goes into them, but what makes this podcast great is the storytelling and casual attitude of the two Australian hosts. Their style lures you in and I try to emulate their storytelling in my own podcasts.

Planet Money- I really just like to nerd out sometimes…

General Fitness Companycast- No that’s not a shameless plug for my own podcast (okay maybe a little), but the reason why I listen to my own podcast is that I want to hear what it sounds like. Not because I’m conceited, but because I want to try to listen to it and improve on what I’m offering to you.

There’s your start. Happy reading/listening!

Jerry “got an ear for this” Washington

P.S. If you’ve got any podcasts or books you’d like to recommend, please leave them below in the comments. It’s so hard to find good content, so help everyone out and share something that you believe has made your life better. Talk soon…

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