That Post About Consistency

I hope you aren’t drinking your morning coffee, because this one may make you want to spit it out.

A little over a month ago, I started writing this blog, I set out with a goal of 30 days straight.

After week one I was amped,
Week 2?
I thought I would never be able to write for much longer.

By the time 30 days came around, well you want honesty?
I only realized yesterday that I’ve written over 50 of these.

You know what pookie?

A lot has happened since I started writing this blog.
And a lot could have happened as well.

For one, you could have seen one of our members who joined around that time lose, about 10 pounds

Or you could have been a part of a fun group that has been growing virtually every week

Maybe you could have lost that 10 pounds you’ve been looking to lose.

I tell ya, I’ve been writing for awhile and you my friend, need to do something about this.

You’ve been reading this blog for awhile, hoping for an answer,
An answer to the pain of not getting results with what you’re doing.

Sure I’m fun, but you know and I know that I speak the truth and wouldn’t blow smoke up your ass.

So there buddy I’m gonna give it to you straight. If you don’t plan on

Getting in the best shape of life,

Having more fun working out than you’ve ever had,

Being accountable for what you (don’t) do and eat

Getting to meet one of the coolest people on this planet. (Me of course)

And most importantly getting RESULTS.

If you are not looking to do any of those things then gosh darnit
You aren’t cut out for this program and frankly you probably should just stop reading now, because I can’t help you.

Oh you’re still here? Well then I guess you’re serious about your health and you should probably take a look here:
Private Facebook Group: Project SELFFY
Jerry “Truth Teller” Washington

P.S. Need a little more motivation to get there? This guy may not be appropriate for young children, but geez he makes some good points. If you can get past his not wearing a shirt the whole time you’ll appreciate the massage.

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