Real Talk

I’m sorry, but sometimes we just gotta be real right? Yesterday, I maybe got a little too heavy in the old blogosphere with my somewhat political rant. Normally, it’s not a topic I like to address, but you know it’s an easy topic to get yourself fired up over.


But yo check it, I met with some local fitpros (John Bair @john.bair and Travis Pollen @fitness_pollenator) the other day to talk shop, Oreos, and historical philosophy. We had a good time, but what I can’t help but notice was how enlightened and positive they seemed. It wasn’t so much that they were like a fake happy positive like you see some trainers or motivators. It was like they were just, at the risk of sounding too new agey, vibrating on a higher level.


You know, while the rest of the world is angry over everything, these guys like me, are out there spreading knowledge and light while eating Oreos when nobody’s looking. It’s pretty neat to hang with other leaders of groups of people that are doing great things for great reasons.


Maybe you’ve found a home at your local CrossFit box, or maybe you work out at a big box gym. Maybe you haven’t found a place where you feel comfortable working out and sweating and sometimes talking about pecan pie (I’m personally not a fan of Oreos ).


If that’s the case, find a local fit pro (like me) and pick his brain. Find out what you need to know and go at it for yourself and when you’re ready, maybe you can come visit me and my crew out in Bala Cynwyd, PA and you’ll fit right in.


Jerry “in good company” Washington


P.S. Hey…that’s not bad! I normally make up my little nickname as I go, but that’s not a bad tag line for the website. How does that sound? The General Fitness Company…You’re in good company. Hmm…Idk sounds kinda catchy! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Talk soon…

Let ‘Em Have It (Fitness Tips)

This isn’t something that I do often

But I thought it might be time to grace

You with some general (physical) fitness tips


I kinda take be a trainer for granted sometimes

I forget that I’ve been doing this for over a decade

And what may be common knowledge to me and

My fellow “fitspos” may sound more like a quadratic

Formula for traveling through space and time.


So today I’m gonna drop a little knowledge on you

And dispel a few common myths that you may or

Or may not already know. 






1. Be Coachable- Right 92 counter on 3. Ready?

Break! Yeah, not exactly, but having the ability

To follow directions and take initiative to then

Act on what you’ve learned is what I would

Consider to be an important attribute that

Pretty much guarantees progress.


2. Start with the end in mind- There are actually

A few reasons why you should do this that

But the one that I think most applies to

Your fitness is to have an idea of how you

Want your body to look BEFORE you start training.

You have to set up a game plan, or else you’re just gonna

End up doing 30 mins on the elliptical for a week

Only to never be seen in the gym again for another month.


3. Enough with the cardio!- Seriously, add a little

Resistance to your training. You don’t go through life

Without a few barriers and struggles, so you should

Consider doing the same with your workouts.


4. In with the good out with the bad

I think that was a quote from Mr. Miagi, but anyway

What I’m talking about here is fat. Good fats are normally

Found in nuts (cept coconuts…but that’s a different convo)

Beef, milk, cheese, and butter are considered Saturated

Or as some would call them, “Bad fats”

While good fats are normally liquid at room temperature

And are mostly seed oils (read the link for more info)


5. Ask a pro- You can’t possibly believe I would end this

Without throwing out a shout out to all my trainer homies

I’ll give you that they may not all have P.h.D in kinesiology

But I guarantee that at least 80% percent know at least

A little more than you do about fitness.


Well brozilla that’s all I’ve got for you today.

Thanks for reading and if you want anymore tips like this

Subscribe or check back in with us on another day.


Jerry “just the tip(s)” Washington


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