Authenticity, it’s kinda like one of those

Mythical type words right?

Where like everyone has heard of it

Tried to do it, but only a few succeed in it.


Why? Well that’s exactly it…

It’s because often people are trying so

Hard to figure out how, or what, that

They forget why.


It’s simple, if you know why you’re

Doing something, the how or what

Becomes relatively unimportant

And usually falls into place somewhere

Along the line.


Let’s take television in general.

A successful show starts with why.

Seinfeld, for instance was a show

About quite literally, nothing.

They even said it in their advertising.


Of course if it was actually about

Nothing it would have been a

Blank screen for 30 minutes every

Thursday at 9PM.


On the surface it was about nothing

But it became popular because it

Was a show that gave us a different

Perspective on our own lives.


It wasn’t meant to be a scripted comedy

About ultra successful people or about

A down and out character that just so

Happen to have a beautiful wife and kids

Like every other show at the time. It

Innovated in being the precursor to modern

Reality TV with it’s seemingly non-scripted

Anecdotes and for it’s time, superfluous



So how does a show about nothing apply

To your authenticity?


Well the fact that it was about nothing

Should give you a clue into how powerful

It is to start with a solid sense of why

You are doing something.


They wanted to create a show that was

Different from all the others. They

Weren’t concerned so much with

How much money they made (at first)

They just wanted to make a show that

Was different, but yet still creative.


You can do the same in your life.

You don’t have to do what everyone

Else is doing just because they seem

To be successful.


Maybe you are not supposed to be a

Doctor, or a lawyer. And maybe

Pursuing that will actually make you

Less money and create less happiness

Over your lifetime than if you picked

Something that was more suited for

Your authentic self.


What’s important is to, before you

Undertake any activity or try to

Think about what the results will be

Of your actions; try to first think about

Why you are doing what you are doing.

Money is not a good enough motivator

After awhile to get you out of bed in the

Morning, day after day for a job you hate.

Praise, isn’t enough if you simply hoping

To get more praise for doing something

That feels contrived.


If you are chasing money, or praise you’re

Actually just chasing results. If you are

Looking to inspire and build a framework

In which people can truly see you are

Different and feel compelled to follow

Your lead, you must first start with “WHY”


Jerry “because” Washington


P.S. Sometimes these posts get away from

Me and I apologize for that. It’s just that

I get so passionate about helping others

Stop living that zombie life where they

Are simply going through the motions.

There are many reasons why I personally

Do this, but I would say that for the most

Part it’s because I believe that we have

Been taught the wrong thing for so long

And many don’t even realize that they

Have lost hope in creating a living a life

That is authentic and gives them fulfillment.


If you suspect that may be you, I would

Like you to consider joining the conversation

With me and a few of my friends in my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

There we talk about what drives us and how

We can all make an impact on the world

That feels appropriate and truly make you

Happy. Talk soon…

Listen All Y’all It’s A Sabotage…

What makes people want to take risks like

Eat exotic foods,

Leave a stable job to start a business,

Or even take a trip to a faraway land?


In a word…feelings


Today I’d like to talk to you about how

You can use your emotions and feelings to

Intuitively create the good life without

Overthinking every single decision.


Ok so first, let me tell you there are 

An infinite number of decisions that

You can make, but only 2 ways to get there…

Through rational thought

Or irrational thought.


I’m sure you can imagine that the most 

Exciting times in anyone’s life are lived outside

The realm of rational thinking. 

But I’m not proposing that you go out and do

Whatever comes to mind, 

However, I would like you to consider

What irrationality can do for your life.


Imagine your boss walks in and asks you to

Work harder at being a better employee

Or else you’re fired tomorrow, then walks off…


You’d probably not even know what

To do or where to start.

Maybe you’d take a look at the company’s

List of values like

Loyalty, hope, innovation, or cooperation.


The only problem is that those are inactionable

You can’t be innovation or cooperation

It’s not always helpful to think with our

Rational mind


There are four things that we always will have

Will always drive us to our achieve.



Hearts and



There is an art and a science to getting the

Results you want and it starts with trusting

Your instincts.


There is a reason why people say something

Feels right and it’s along the same lines

As why leaders try to win our hearts and minds

Rather than our minds and hearts.


Our rational part of our brain controls speech

But it’s our irrational subconscious that really

Is in tune with our true selves.



Your gut is talking to you and telling you what

To do everyday. It wants you to listen to your heart

It wants you to feel confident

But most of all, it just wants to be express itself

And unlike the rational mind, it

Unfortunately, can’t do that with words.


So trust yourself, because there is no amount of

Research that is going to get you to make a better

Decision than the one you can make in your



Jerry “I believe in you” Washington



Never Wear A Red Shirt To Target…


So I was at Target the other day

I was shopping for a friend’s birthday and

I just so happen to be wearing a red shirt

Big mistake…


I just planned on getting a gift card and

Some trail mix, but it took me like 45 minutes

To even finish getting the card because after

Every card I would try to pick up, some old lady

Would tap me on the shoulder and ask me

Where she could find the ummm…

pharmacy/prophylactic section?


I would like to think that I’m a helpful guy

But honestly, I’d also like to think I could shop

In a red shirt without having any problems.


NE hoo, it kinda makes me think about

How everyone in life sometimes misjudges

The information that’s present. 

You grandma see’s a relatively young guy 

Wearing a red shirt a (and khakis…ooops)

And thinks employee. 


I suppose in hindsight it’s understandable

But today I’m gonna start the week off

By talking about your subconscious and

How you can use mind control to 

Control other people’s behaviors

Did you know that you could control

People’s emotions?


Yup, in fact it’s actually pretty simple.

In fact, you may not know it, but

You’re doing it all the time.


You see, back in the days of Freud

There were slew of other behavioral

Psychologists that had competing

Philosophies about emotions and how

They are caused.


You may be familiar with Freud’s work

About the Id, Ego, and Superego

Or how all boys secretly want to

Sleep with their moms and kill their father

(I know kinda sick right?) I still find it

Kinda weird that we even thought twice

About considering this guy credible…


Well, there was this guy named William

James and he studied under Freud

He went on to start branch off and in

Some circles is considered the father of

Modern psychology.


James was a bit more “normal” and he held

A different belief about emotions that is

Starting to gain more and more traction with the

Scientific community.

James believed that emotions were actually the

Result of a physiological response…


I mean get this broham, most people believed

That our emotions are from some sort of

Repressed memories.

But what we’re finding out is that that’s only

Half of the whole game.


Our body responds to the outside world and

THEN we feel emotion.

Read that again sugar lips ^^^^


It turns out that research shows that our

Emotions are more or less universal

With just a few smatterings of personal

Experience thrown in to spice it up for

Us as individuals.


There is a quite a bit I’m going to try

To discuss this week about this topic

So I’m going to stop here and leave you

With this thought for the day.


Our body is constantly responding to

Stimulus from the outside and sending

The information to the brain.


But just before we produce a response

There is a space. A space which

Most people completely ignore, but

In that space lies choice.


You can ALWAYS choose your response

The rest is up to chance…


Jerry “choices” Washington


P.S. In my private Facebook group we’ll be

Talking about this as well, if you’d like to join

The conversation come find us there. Until then

Talk soon…