The (Multi) Million Dollar Hammer

I remember growing up the most heard

Phrase in my house was  mama bear

Telling me to “do it right, or do it again”


It mostly was in reference to me not

Making my bed properly.

I’ve tucked and retucked perfect 90 degree angles

So much so that I remember having the

Neatest bed in college.


I kinda cheat now, because most of the time

I end up falling asleep at the dining room table

Or on the couch because I’m so exhausted from my day

So my bed pretty much just stays made

But the lesson is not lost on me. 


Especially since I’ve been working on helping

People like you grow and master the good life.


Let me tell you a quick story about 

A 10 million dollar hammer and how it changed

A company’s direction for the better. 


It wasn’t too long ago when a group of American car

Executives took a trip to Japan to see an assembly line

They were searching for differences in how the 2 countries

Manufacture cars.


Especially because at the time all U.S. Car companies

Were losing market share and Japan was setting itself

Up to be the industry leader in sales for the first time ever.


They didn’t really see a difference maybe a few things here

And there, but nothing that would be drastically different

Until they came to the end.


Where are the guys with mallets?” one person asks.

The assembly workers look around puzzled and then he adds

We normally check to see if our doors fit properly at the end

By tapping the doors, do you do that?”


One of the workers smiled and said.


We make sure it fits when we design it”


Oh snap!!!


But you see that is the issue with many people these days

Many pride themselves on innovating out of bad

Situations, only to find themselves innovating themselves

Into a possibly worse situation when all they had to do

Was make sure they had a proper design.


Think about how much money and time was dedicated

To buying mallets

Employing people to swing those mallets

And replacing both mallets and people.


The problem many people find down the road

Is that they didn’t actually plan for the results

They had hoped for.

So when something goes wrong, it’s the norm

For them to pull something off the “fix-it” chart

And find a “valid” solution.


Truly effective people have the capability to

Understand the value of things we cannot see.

To the Americans, checking those doors was a

Part of the manufacturing process, but

To the Japanese, it was part of the design process.


That is the equivalent of walking outside naked

With a suitcase to determine what you’re gonna

Wear for the day, when all you had to do was

Check the weather before you went out!


Let me try to hammer home a point

(See what I did there?) before we part ways


Sometimes success is easier than we

Make it out to be. All it takes is the ability

Envision your goals and use an effective

Strategy, rather than tactics to get your

Desired goal.


Jerry “no hammers” Washington


P.S. It’s hard to develop a strategy for success

Without some help, so if there is something that

You’ve been trying to achieve and you somehow

Keep having to start over or fix something

Then I would like you to consider some help from



My crew over at Project SELFFY have been helping

People to change the way they think about planning

To succeed rather than planning to change. Talk soon…

Delusional Mess

So you missed me yesterday.

I was driving down to Georgia

Because I had some emergency 

Family business to attend to.


We’re still gonna have to wait

To see what happens, but in the

Meantime, I’m just happen to have

The opportunity and the freedom

To get down here as fast as I could.


Now you might be asking, now

Why would I drive if I was in such 

A rush to get down here? 

Don’t I have like a rainy day fund?


Well yes of course, but the thing is

That I actually would rather drive

And I’ll tell you why.


It all happened about 2 years ago

I was flying off to see my family in

Rhode Island and I was actually 

On time for the flight.


It was actually kinda nice to not

Be rushing to the gate and having the

Opportunity to grab a slice of pizza 

Before I boarded the flight. 

We were all set to depart 

And there was this commotion  

Coming from behind me

This guy like 4 seats behind me

Was saying to the stewardess that

It didn’t fit. 


I turned around to see this (at least)

400 pound guy that barely fit into 2

Seats, trying to get a seatbelt on.

He and the stewardess were wrestling

With his seatbelt and trying to get it

Around his humongous waistline.  


“It doesn’t fit,” he grunted again

Just then, the stewardess rushes up

To the front of the plane and after

A few minutes, we hear the pilot…


One of the smoothest voices 

I’ve ever heard before, comes over

The loud speaker and says

We’re sorry folks, but we’re

Experiencing some delays with

Our departure.


Apparently, this guy needed what

Was called a seat belt extender

But this guy was so delusional that

He blamed it on the airlines and

Said they need bigger seats.


I’m not one to always judge (just sometimes)

But this guy was mad

It probably had something to do with the

Collective sign of everyone on the plane

But he kept yelling towards the cockpit

How he shouldn’t have to wear a seat belt

Anyway, because what’s that gonna do

If we crash? Good point, but we still

Had to wait.


Delusion can be put people in some

Interesting positions sometimes.

But we all NEED a certain level of it.


I think back to when I first started

Training on my own. I was still new

To the training industry so I was

Really nervous and also hopeful

But my first session was TERRIBLE

I mean it was my friends and I

Still messed up…a LOT. I forgot the

Names of exercises. I couldn’t count

One person even got hurt.
Thank goodness we were friends!


When I got home, my girlfriend

At the time asked me how it went.

I flashed her the biggest smile and

Told her it went amazing.

Because in my mind it did.


I mean I could have focused on all the

Terrible things that happened, but

I chose not to engage those thoughts

Because they did not serve me.


In life, you might find that there are

Times when you have to be just

A little delusional. You have to

Tell yourself that you can when it’s

Clear that you can’t.


You might not be successful at first

But you eventually, at least won’t

Be terrible.


Jerry “not terrible” Washington


P.S. That plane was delayed over

An hour while they looked for

Seat belt extenders. Knowing that

Over half of our country’s population

Is either overweight or obese, I’d

Rather just take my chances driving.

Talk soon…

What Tha What?


Man, let me tell you what really grinds my gears…

Slow internet.

Just kidding, but I’ve been having an issue with my internet lately

And it’s really been putting a damper on my performance.


Alas, I’ve found a solution! Whiteboards and books lol.

But seriously though, sometimes we run into trouble

We’ve all been at that point where you’re sitting there

Staring off into space trying to figure out what the fuck to do.


But, there are always solutions.


So the key is to get quiet for a moment

And find the solution.

Sometimes it will work out, sometimes you’ll just learn

And sometimes you’ll work it out, learn, and get a few



What I want you to consider is that we’re all really

Just doing our best, honestly.

Even if it seems to you that someone is doing something

Out of spite, or out of hate, or out of luck.

We’re all just functioning the best way we know how.


I started the General Fitness Company just for that reason

You know it just seemed like a good idea to try and

Help people make better decisions in their own lives

So I could selfishly enhance my own life.

I see that if the people around me are elevating their mindset

Then everyone lives a little more enlightened and we’re all

A little bit happier.


It first starts with a conversation however.

I would like you to consider being a part of the conversation

That is literally changing people’s lives.

You can be a part of this intimate group all you have to do

Is click the link below.

Project SELFFY


Jerry “doing mah best” Washington


P.S. I appreciate you, yes you broham for reading.

Not everyone is as forward thinking as you are

For reading something that might enrich your life and

Help others with actual usable information. If you’d

Like to have a personal conversation, I’d love to chat

With you about some sticking points you may have

In your current endeavours. Click here to get in contact

With me personally. Talk soon…