That’s Why I Want A Billion $$$

What if someone gave you a billion dollars?

 What would you do?

 Pay bills?

 Give some to charity?

 Buy an island?


 I was just curious. 

 Personally, I would do what I could to

 Change the world we live in now.


 Think about it…

 You have a billion dollars, that’s more than

 Enough resources to make you happy.

 But if you’re happy and people around you

 Are still sad, broke, and uneducated

 What use is all that money?


 Like Kanye West says: 

“No one man should have all that power”

 And with good reason. 


 You see this everywhere, people with

 Money and power abuse it all the time or

 Simply use it improperly to keep other people



There are very few that actually understand

How a true legacy can be created not by

Placing your name on buildings, but in

Ensuring that long after death, your name

Lives on the tongues and stays on the minds

Of both strangers and friends alike.


Life is much more than complicated than  

 Simply making money and staying healthy

 And recently, I’ve found that truth to be

 Evident in my personal life as well as the 

 Lives of a few close friends.


You see, the thing is that I have

Rich friends and I have poor ones as well.

There’s not much of a difference between

The two, but I have to say that for the most

Part that my rich friends happen to be the

Kindest and most generous people I know.


It’s not because they are trying to show off

But it’s because they are people that I’ve

Selected to be in my life because they understand

The value of not only having money, but also the

Potential effect they can have on the world.


We’re all offered like what?

Maybe 100 years? (138 years if you’re me ;-))

But I mean this planet has been in existence

For something like 4.7 billion years.


Imagine having an impact on the planet that

Lasted even a quarter of that amount of time…


I personally believe that we are headed into

An age of selflessness and it’s going to be

One hell of a collaborative effort from everyone

That is going to catapult us all to realize that

We’re not just in it for ourselves.


This planet has the potential to be a beacon

To everyone that visits (if there really is anyone)

That shows what happens when people drop the

Ego and realize that we are all a part of something

Much, much bigger.


I encourage you today to think less about what

You can get and what you can have and think

More about what you can give to your friends

Your neighborhood and this planet.


We all know that it is better to give than to receive

But it’s not always as apparent if you’re always

Trying to figure out what the world owes you.


Jerry “Give>Receive” Washington


P.S. I felt that might have been a bit sappy

But you know what broseph, it’s my blog so

I can say what I want, but I do believe that

You think the same way and that’s why I

Started the private Facebook group

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Didn’t I See You At The Bar Yesterday?

Today, I was getting it in with a little Mountain Moving Monday of my own. I was working out and dancing like I always do and someone came up to me and asked me what I was training for.

I guess when you look like you’re working harder than the rest of the gym combined and dancing while you do it, people are bound to ask questions.

His follow up question I have to admit, left me a little bewildered.

He asked me if he saw me at the bar on Sunday.

I was like Sunday? Like yesterday Sunday?

Naw bro, wasn’t me. I rarely go out to bars anymore, especially on Sundays.

I guess that wasn’t his real question, because he somehow turned it into a conversation and pretty much just dominated my workout by talking my ear off.

Dude, I’m wearing headphones and I have limited time before my next client.

Fuck bro!!!!!

I’m sure we all have been witness to this type of douchebaggery from some lameO who decides that his workout (or lack there of) is more important than yours.

But alas, I gave up and pulled the old switcheroo.

I asked him if he wanted to workout with me and that pretty much was gonna be his death sentence if he’d agree.

Unfortunately, he didn’t, but did walk away to go bother someone else.

This is what really gets me about gyms. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience at some point in time as well.

You see squatty pants, this is a little phenomenon I alike to call “the black hole workout”

Its when someone has a workout that sucks so bad, he has to suck the life out of every workout in the vicinity and you’re left with nothing, but a headphone dangling out of one ear trying to focus while this guy steady yammers about nonsensical uninteresting topics.

The worst part was that by the time I got him to walk away, it was time for me to get ready for my next client…

If this has ever happened to you I suggest you try the General Fitness Company.

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Jerry “ever feel like you’re being watched?” Washington

Control Your Space

How are you feeling today?


There was a time when the majority of the world believed that the stars affected our attitude and that sacrifices to the gods was the only to prevent misfortunes.

Now we (most of us at least) believe that to be a bunch of hooey. Yes, we still ask psychics for a glimpse into our future and yea we still sacrifice, but now it’s money and time instead of people, but the fact still remains that we really have no control over what happens outside of our own bodies.

You see hombre, even though many of us have a pretty good grasp on logic, for some reason there are those that still believe they can control other things outside of our own head. But the unfortunate problem is that many haven’t even mastered their own thinking to have any real sense of control in the first place.

Let me give you an example. You’re walking down the street with a coffee in your hand on your way to an important meeting and someone bumps into you. You spill the coffee all over yourself and then find yourself in even more of a rush because your outfit is ruined. You think to yourself, what a terrible day.

Meanwhile, as you are rushing to either try to clean yourself up or buy a new outfit before you completely miss the meeting, you pass a hospital. Somehow, you see someone who is absolutely in pain, walking slowly, dragging an IV, all while flashing the biggest grin as she goes to greet her family who came to visit her in the hospital.
What a great day.

What’s the difference?

Control my friend.

Not control of the environment, but control over your head space.

This is why so many people are frustrated with goal setting. They become a function of how they feel or what is going on around them.

So general Washington, how do we get out of this vicious cycle of goal setting, failure, and disappointment.

Glad you asked sergeant sugar toes.

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t be a function of your feelings or circumstance. You can control you and only you.

See the goal everyday in some way. And do something (no matter how small) to achieve it.

That’s exactly what happens with the General Fitness Program.

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Jerry “Master of my own destiny” Washington