What’s Worse?


I think about what could possibly be worse than a secret

I mean, don’t you feel a little weird around someone

That has a secret that they aren’t telling you?

Kinda uneasy?


But we all run around with our little secrets

We try to hide our bad habits

We fight our addictions

We even try to pretend that we’re perfect.



You know, it’s hard because just about

Everyone has a secret, yet we all run

Around acting like no one else is supposed

To have a secret and when someone

Finds it out we all act all mightier than thou

The next time that person’s name is mentioned


I caught myself doing the same thing until I took

A look at myself and I realized that shaming of

Any sort is a low vibration mindset.


Honestly, shaming is our way deflecting from the issues

In our own life and refocusing them on the flaws

Of others so that we can feel better about our own shit.


So I started a system, but I don’t want to release it

Right here to the public.

But if you want to learn how you can be a leader

And not someone who follows what everyone does

And gets what everyone else gets,

Email me here  and we can have a conversation.


Jerry “skeletons?” Washington


P.S. I’ve also started a private Facebook group

Where we discuss the fundamentals of helping

Ourselves become better selves so we can later

Help others. Join Project SELFFY. Talk soon…

A Better Way

Yesterday, I went on a bit of a tirade about shaming.
Everyone does it, but why? Is it something we are programmed to do?
No, actually it’s not.
You see mon ami, the reason why people shame is because they are so empty from
Trying to find fulfillment in ineffective ways that the only thing that most 
People can do to have any kind of self worth, is to shame others.
Most people, when they shame others, aren’t really coming from an intention
Of helping someone, it’s really that they are suppressing something from shame
From their own past and they might actually identify with what they are shaming.
It’s actually pretty prominent and I can prove it. 
Take Donald Trump for example…
Whatever your political affiliation, you cannot deny who our president is.
But he represents something that I think has been happening for some time now.
Barack Obama, arab spring, Brexit, the Donald…all are clear indicators that people
Are looking for change and are getting more aggressive in looking for it. 
You see, when you take the time to shame others (as the Don has) you take
Time away from improving yourself. I mean look how much time he actually 
Dedicated to golfing instead of doing his job (which is in a way, kinda nice)
But I digress…
There is a better way and it is to honestly take an introspective look at your own
Life and find out what needs to be improved, while paying less attention to the
Obvious faults and missteps of others. 
It’s pretty much one of the main staples of my teaching and training.
At the General Fitness Company we are mastering fitness in a 
Brand new way by taking it past chicken and broccoli and into
Analyzing and what works best for you as individual to live the 
Fulfilled life.  
I would like you to consider what cooperation and self love can
Do to rocket launch you onto a higher path to success. 
Change never starts in the mind, it starts in the heart and only ends when 
You believe that your power becomes in line with your potential.
Jerry “self-powered” Washington
P.S. A lot of people believe that self improvement is for people that really need it.
I would have you consider that self improvement is something that we all really
Need to undergo on a daily basis. It’s not enough to say you have this degree
Or that certification, or even X years of experience. 
If you aren’t constantly trying to improve the past means nothing.
I would like you to consider joining the conversation that has had people
Taking a look inside themselves and discovering the confidence and
Motivation they been looking everywhere else for
For their whole life. Click here to join. Talk soon…