What’s Green, Whistles, And Hangs On a Wall?

I’ve got a joke for you that I heard the other day
“What’s green, whistles, and hangs on a wall?”
“No idea”
“A Salmon!”
“Salmon aren’t green!”
“So I painted it green.”
“They don’t hang on walls!”
“They do if you nail them up”
“Fish can’t whistle!”
“Yeah, I just put that in so it wouldn’t be too easy.”
This joke had me dying in its simplicity and power to surprise

Almost everyone likes surprises, well
Good one’s at least

But what do you do when something unexpected
Comes up and you’re left to deal with the aftermath
Of a Texas tornado sized problem

Well one thing that many people do is panic
Out of fear of the unknown

But what really is the unknown, but just a bunch of
Shit we just make up in our heads and run through
Enough times that we begin to believe it.

I’m gonna get all Metaphysical on your ass for a second
What is fear, but just a thought, an emotion that really
Doesn’t even exist
Your past?
Virtually irrelevant
Most people can’t even have the same dream twice
(and you have full control over that)
Let alone the fact that now you are a different person
Hopefully armed with insight from previous experiences

Your future?
Hasn’t even happened
So we have no real way of knowing the probability of
The aforementioned (Nice word) unknown

So what can we take away from this little lesson in Quantum Theory?

Fear is really just a really lame excuse for inaction

Think about it care bear
What’s the best way to get rid of your fear?
Face it head on right?
So why are you sitting there
Procrastinating and
Criticizing others
When really all you have to do for yourself


Dude, I get it
You drank the fearless Kool-Aid

That fearless shit that fit pros preach is bullshit!
We’re ALL scared out of damn minds that
Our fears are true,
But trust me once you stop and think about that shit for one second
You’ll see it is virtually impossible to connect the actual truth
With the lies that eventually become fears.

Let the General Fitness Program help you face your fear today

Take the guess work out of your training and make you confident in achieving more
And guess what?
When you get used to conquering fears, you increase your
Fear conquering threshold (Sounds legit right?)
So that normal stress doesn’t affect you the same

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Fun Fact: Did you know that Mike Tyson in his hay day hired a “yes man” just to tell him he
Was awesome all the time?
Yeah he obviously didn’t like bad surprises either.

Jerry “Truth seeker” Washington

P.S. Here’s an interesting surprise that one young lady played on a few guys (and a girl). Warning, don’t click if you are a bit squeamish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcbOog_KE_I

If I offended you in anyway, I hope it woke you up to take action to make a change. It’s for your own good broham. Talk soon…

Revolutionary Resolution

Oh boy!!! Another fluff filled motivational message.

The New Year is gonna be great!

This is your year.

Sound familiar?


If you’re like me, you’re probably excited to call this year over.

I’m pretty sure Hollywood is wiping its collective brow in hopes

That we won’t see the grim reaper doing his happy dance

At such a heartbreaking pace (Debra Reynolds?)


So what are we supposed to be doing here?

It’s like every year we get all revved up on jet fuel

But peter out after two weeks

Like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.


Well the simple answer is stop trying the same approach that

CLEARLY isn’t working.

I mean I’m sure you realize this already, but just in case you haven’t

I would like you to consider your current results.

How was 2016 for you?

Best ever?

Great, you can stop reading, because this isn’t for you

If you don’t want your 2017 to look like 2016 then

There is one foolproof strategy that has stood the test of time…


Oh you want me to tell you what it is?





Find a group of like minded people that can help motivate and

Keep you motivated so that in times when your discipline is

Having a sick day,  you are still able to get the job done.

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Sometimes going off on ridiculous tangents that end with a

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Jerry “ain’t afraid of no 2017” Washington


P.S. I truly do hope you and yours a happy holiday and it is my desire

To help you achieve your goals for 2017. So if there is anything…

And I mean anything (ok almost anything) that is on your mind to accomplish for 2017

Please let me know.


It’s my mission to help people to accomplish  their missions, whether it be

For overall happiness in their lives, fitness, or relationships. I’d be

More than happy to help and be an ear or a hand…or a whole person.

Talk soon…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!