What Doing Nothing Does

There are a lot of things you can do when a problem arises. Doing nothing should be a last resort. However, it seems to be the first line of defense for many people. I don't have the energy to go into a rant today (I'm fighting something off and at the same time I'm working [...]

What’s Stopping You?

I want to first thank you for reading. By taking the time out of your day to Learn about how you can make a real Impact in the world, it shows that You are ready to do something more Than what you are currently doing.   "What's stopping you?" That's the question I bet everyone [...]

I’ve Stopped Asking Questions

You see care bear, as we grow from babies, to young children and into adults, we develop opinions which turn into beliefs about the world around us. When we stop asking questions we protect ourselves from the pain and discomfort of changing our current state of reality.