The Most Virtuous Virtue

Be patient and virtuous

Getting ahead in life requires you to hurdle some obstacles. It’s inevitable, if you are ever going to do something outside of your comfort zone, you will be met with some resistance.  At times it can be easy to just want to take the easy way out. Maybe do something a little less virtuous to alleviate a bit of the struggle.

I get it, but that’s why you gotta keep pushing.  Just because you’re a good guy, you can’t expect that the world owes you success. You have to take action, but most importantly it has to be now! You see, brocrastinator, when you don’t take action immediately, you get complacent. What you’re doing currently starts to look good enough and you begin to convince yourself that you’re comfortable where you are.

That’s when all of a sudden, panic starts to kick in. You wake up and realize that you’ve been coasting and you feel like something is missing. You try to fill the void with food, clothes, shoes, spirituality, but nothing makes you feel as virtuous as when you are actively doing something that takes you from where you are to a little bit closer to your goals.

But that’s not all. Just because you took one step closer doesn’t mean you’re ready to capture the world with your talents and charisma. That’s where 90% of the people fail (just made that stat up, but seems legit). Most people think that because they had a great idea or because they’re more accomplished than their friends, that they’re ready for center stage. But getting to be big time takes big time patience.

The most virtuous virtue. Patience. Most people have it for when they take action on their goals but are completely impatient when it comes to expecting results.

The way to achieve your goals and guarantee yourself the feeling of fulfillment is to be impatient. But only when taking action on your goals. Patience is best reserved for waiting for results.

Jerry “impatiently, patient” Washington

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Hack Your Goals With Passwords

brainwash hack skinny

Ok here it is. The ultimate brainwashing life hack.  This isn’t gonna take long so try not to blink.  In fact, you should blink now just in case. Ok you ready to learn how to use your computer to achieve all your goals?

I’ve actually written before about the science that backs this up here actually would like to preface this with a quick story about how I personally lost 30lbs. Don’t worry, it has everything to do with the life hack.  So a little while back I got this heart rate monitor for my gym. It was cool, it showed your calories burned and your exertion rate and it assigned you points base on some algorithm the company decided on.

Long story short, the belt lets you decide your nickname. As I’m opening up the package, I’m thinking about what my awesome nickname was gonna be. I decide on “awesomest person ever,” but unfortunately it’s too many characters. (Sounds like Thanksgiving at my house)

So I decide on “Fatkid.” I thought of it as a sort of motivation. It worked as motivation alright…I gained 15 pounds within 6 months of getting the belt. Not kidding, briznit, I put on a small toddler. After months of soul searching I decide to change the nickname by one letter to “Fitkid” and poof…magic. Lost 15 and then some!

So what’s the hack? Well check this out, you use your computer, right? You type in passwords to any website repeatedly? Like maybe your email, or bank accounts? Change your password today! Change it to a goal you have like “lose5pounds” or “make10000moredollars” (neither of those is my password, by the way, so no worry) and watch how you brainwash yourself into achieving your goals by tricking yourself into writing them down daily.

Pretty cool right? If you think so, leave a comment down below. I would greatly appreciate it, but either way, thanks for reading!

Jerry “hack that” Washington


The Key To Writing Viral Content

key to good content

Ha! There is no real answer. 😛 No, but for realizies. The title of this here post should be the key to writing content that people value. I wish there was a single secret or formula that you could put into a machine. I’d be feeding that machine all day! But unfortunately that’s not the case.

You see, no matter what the reason for you doing something, you have to create something that really touches people. It could be a creative piece. Or it could be something that makes people think. Whatever you write, or however you do it,  has to be something that speaks to our soul.

So I can’t say that I’m expert on writing viral content, I can say that no matter the topic, I give my honest observation and opinion. Even though I don’t have a million views, I’m not sure what I’d do with them anyway, because I, like you am a fan of love. To me love comes from a small group of about 80 to 150 people. I’ve talked about this in a few of my previous posts, how it’s not about how many people love you, but how deeply they do so.

People like us are ready for the truth and I believe that people will begin to honor real value over sheer numbers of followers or numbers of tweets. The new social currency will not be quantity, it will be quality. In this day and age where people pay for time, love is the most invaluable asset.

You want to create viral content? Go ahead. But in the future those that practice developing relationships while simultaneously creating new ones will always win over the number chasers.

Jerry “my two cents” Washington

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