This One Is NOT For You If…

I was talking to a friend the other day who is like the king of conspiracy theories. Oh man is he entertaining. Sometimes I just want to sit back with a nice merlot and listen to all his fun stories about past presidents, aliens, bigfoot, and the twin towers. I mean who needs a t.v? I’ve got a friend that can talk for hours. And he’ll entertain you with stories with presidents that conspired with other countries to drive up food prices. Or organized attacks on our country to give us reasonable cause to enter a war so that rich elite could control America.

I’m gonna put this bluntly. Yes, the Illuminati does exist, but not in the way you would think of some rich elite. The Illuminati are not these evil people hell bent on destroying the earth, seriously how could you cover up a conspiracy like that for so long?? I mean with the internet and all?

talented dog

Look, I get it briznit, it’s easy to blame others when things don’t turn out the way you imagined. It’s the government, it’s secret societies, it’s Bob down the street that keeps trying to show you up with the ridiculous things he keeps teaching his dog.

I get it, but man…if there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s that you are in complete control of your own reality. Everything that you feel is a decision. A choice.

I would like you to think about the thing that you feel is holding you back from success. Be it time, money, lack of skills/knowledge, whatever. Now consider this, unless you’re a freak like Michael Jordan or Bo Jackson, or even Lebron James you were born more with pretty much the same talent as everyone else. You have the same amount of resources everyone else does, in fact, if you’re reading this you’re at an advantage. There’s probably at least a third of the world that doesn’t have internet.

Look, this isn’t for you if you believe there’s a secret elite society that is controlling us all. It just isn’t possible. The issue with that type of thinking is that it trains your mind to not take responsibility. It’s like racing with your legs bound up and your arms tied behind your back. When you inevitably lose, all you will complain about is how hard it was for you to run the race.  You would complain about how you were limited, but the fact is that you really weren’t. You’d have had a chance if you didn’t show up to the race already at a clear disadvantage.

So I understand that some people think that there is some secret society out to get you. But what I would really have you consider is that they ultra elite are just like you (with more money of course). They do business deals, have friends they’ve known for years and take vacations. They might be able to do more stuff with their money, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to have anything.

In short, it’s really not a secret society that’s holding you back, it’s your limiting beliefs about your own potential for success.

Jerry “not sent by the government” Washington


P.S. I’m not trying to rag on anyone here. The hope here is that you wake up and see that we all have unlimited potential. Ok maybe not all of us, but you…You broham. You have unlimited potential, but the question is will you ever stop blaming others long enough to utilize it. Talk soon…

How To Win More Than The Lottery

Want to make more money? I’m gonna make this as simple as possible today. Invest in yourself. You have to learn more than what you learned in school. Learn more than what you were taught when you first started your job. Learn more than you learned yesterday.

Invest in your systems of doing things and you will find that not only will they get easier, but more profitable. The thing is that so many people whine, cry, and complain, but all they do is put their money into things that rust, rot, and depreciate. 

It’s impossible to make any money if all you’re doing is throwing your money into consumer goods. Sure you have to eat, but if you aren’t balling, why you eating that Kobe steak and lobster??

I get it, you deserve nice things and who knows when you’re gonna go so live it up right? But the thing is, if you live everyday like that , then you will soon be grinding all day just to make up for past mistakes.

Life shouldn’t be about grinding everyday either. You can’t grind your way to success, you’ll burn out. Then you’ll end up needing more time to recover and you’ll find that you’re continually sprinting, stopping, then playing catch-up.

It’s your life, but there is a way you can live it so that you will always be in line with your potential and it starts with self education and ends with mentors/coaches.

That’s really all I got for you today. If you want to chat more about this jump into the chat with my private Facebook group Project SELFFY it’s a great way to discover your true potential and talk to others who are headed the same direction you are…UP!

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Jerry “winner” Washington


P.S. It’s a fine balance trying to stay present and enjoy your current life while setting up a better life for your future self. Sometimes it takes sacrifices, but you don’t always have to sacrifice if you have a clear map of the direction you want to take. If you would like help setting up your plan for success, I can help and all you have to do is click here

The Power Of Freedom

What is freedom really? Many search for freedom by gaining knowledge and skills they can add to their resume, however, they find themselves crippled by the debt that they had to acquire to fund those skills.


They then go into jobs that they hate, but have to take because they need to make money.  Only to come home to sedate with booze or copious amounts of television programming.


I get it, because I was that dude. I paid a ton for college, but I can’t say that I’m in the same field I went to school for. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly value the experience, but at the end of the day, I know people that didn’t go to school and also had similarly valuable experiences AND didn’t have to start out their careers in serious debt.


I started off as a lower middle-class kid aspiring to do something great. I had a dream of helping a lot of people but ended up living lower class for almost a decade, staying in basements, cars, and storage sheds. (Don’t tell my parents, they’d freak!) Just so I could achieve that dream.


Life is a lot different for me now of course, but I just can’t help, but sometimes think. Who or what am I missing?


You see Brosephine Baker, I can tell you from my experience that life is all about choices. You are not forced to do anything you don’t want to do on any given day. You are not FORCED to distance yourself from true fulfillment every day. It’s a choice.


Sure some may say that if you’re ignorant of anything else, then it’s not really a choice. But I would have you consider this…


We were all born with an imagination. We can all dream. It is a matter of you making the choice to take action on them or continue to do the same thing that you’ve always done.


Again, I get it, change is difficult. I just gave up something (boot camp training) that I love that I’ve been doing for 10 years. It was difficult but at the end of the day, I don’t want time to be the deciding factor on whether I should continue to do something or not.


When you think about it, all we are all looking for is the freedom of choice. We are all striving for it in our own way.


Whatever your way of striving for freedom is, I want you to tell me. Leave in the comment section below, or you can shoot an email directly to me here: Get In Touch


Jerry “multiple choice” Washington


P.S. I hate to sound like I’m poo pooing school and that it was the cause of my troubles. At the end of the day, those were choices too. I could have continued to stay with my degree and worked a corporate job that I hated. It wasn’t for me, but I’m not saying it shouldn’t be for you. Many people have graduated and gone on to live VERY comfortable lives. I guess I just chose to take the scenic route. What’s most important is that you define success for yourself and make decisions every day that will get you closer to that vision. Talk soon…