Winning (What dogs do)

This week I was thinking about Frankie in his last day
He was spewing liquid fury all over the house
And he started trying to open the refrigerator
Frankie can make my life difficult,
But he is a good teacher sometimes

A dog’s life is pretty simple
He hangs out with his
Best friend
Sleeps pretty much all day
And little things like treats and fetch
Brighten their day every time

Unfortunately, hombre happiness isn’t that simple for a lot of us
The problem lies in comparing every day to our very best day
You see chico, dogs have this innate ability to live in the

You may say it’s because they literally can’t remember further
Back than 8 seconds, which is probably true
But I believe that there is more to our furry friend, the dog

He lives in the moment because he doesn’t have the ability
To compare,
To compare each day to his best day ever like we do

See dogs like my boy Frankie just keep it simple
There is nothing that they can compare to so therefore
Each day is a win
And he gets to wake up to play with his best friend not to mention
There’s always a possibility of an extended game of fetch
Around the corner

Sometimes we just have to step back and although we may not
See each moment as a win
Each day that we wake up and are given the opportunity to change
The world, we all win

If you break it down, most of us have about 5 wins a day
That’s 35 wins a week and 150 a month!
Wow, who knew we were winning so much?

I know life can be tough, but remember
Any given moment can be an opportunity for
An extended game of fetch

Here’s a nice treat:

Jerry “Squirrel!” Washington

P.S.  No p.s. this time, although I do have to say that Frankie is probably better and is now currently sleeping somewhere across rainbow bridge  Cleaning up after that guy was a NIGHTMARE! But I still wish I could clean up after him one more time. :`-( Talk soon…

To You, From Frankie…

Hey guys it’s me Frank.

Or as my friend Jerry calls me, Frankie.

My full name is Franklin Benjamin Washington

But I’ll leave the explanation for that for another day.


In case you’re wondering why I’m writing this email for my hombre today

Is because he thought that it would be a better idea if I told you why

I’m trying to hide my face from the camera in the the picture below:






I was kinda in some pain and I didn’t really feel like getting my picture taken

But  somebody  thought it would be a good story so…

There you have it.

And thus begins the story of the dog and the bee.


It all started with a playful old dog (me) that liked to chase everything.

But what really gets me going is those flying things.





Well maybe not bees so much anymore.


I don’t know where I was

All I know is that the smell of foreign dogs really gets my tail wagging.

So as I’m about to drop my scent to add to the collection, I see one of those

Striped guys.

He just comes buzzing up next to the flower I’m relieving myself on

So I cut it short and make a lunge for the flower…


Got him!!!


He’s in my mouth! He’s in my mouth!

First time that’s ever happened, but NOW what do I do?!?!

I panic

I try to swallow and as I gulp…
I feel the inside of my mouth catch fire and I yelp

Releasing the bee or whatever the hell that evil thing was, back from whence he came.


I learned a lot on that trip with my best friend

But most important is that new experiences can teach you so much.


Without new experiences you end up kinda like me

Walking around the same neighborhood

Only experiencing slightly different elements of the same neighborhood dog’s piss


I had no idea there was another world out there.

Of slower bees and sweet smelling flowers.

Without the opportunity to go out and experience something different

I  never would have known that there’s actual happiness outside of doggie treats and bones.


So stay limited in your experience if you’d like.

Go chase those same squirrels

Sniff those same bushes

Pee on those same fire hydrants.


As for me, I’m gonna keep jumping in the car every time the door opens:


Frankie “pass the bees” Washington


P.S. Jerry will be back soon. He said something about a brontosaurus or something like that. I hope he brings one of those bones home, that would be pretty epic. OH and he also said to tell you to go some place…but now I forget…. if you want to get started on creating new experiences. I don’t know why he expects me to remember so much. After all, I’m only a dog.