The Real Story…

What really happened over 2000 years ago

When people celebrated their first Seder?

Not many people know the exact story,

But from what we have been told

It’s one of bliss, slavery, and finally triumph

There’s is a story that is not unlike our own

Here in today’s America, it’s pretty similar.

Much of today’s wealth is in the hands of few

Many people now work like slaves just to eat

And they have been talking about exhiling  

Or should I say, deporting a whole race.

But there is something to learn here.

The Hebrew people of old found triumph

By doing this one thing. 

It helped them escape from Egypt

It helped them as they were wandering 

The desert for 40 years trying to find a home

And it even helped them as they crossed

The Red Sea. 

What is this one thing?

Well it most certainly wasn’t directions!

What these Jews had was something more

It was actually better than directions,

It was that they had DIRECTION.

They felt it to be their right to be free

10 reinforcements to that belief

In the form of plagues and afflictions

To the Egyptian non Jews helped to

Mentally prepare them for the wild

Journey they were destined to undertake.

You may have found yourself lost or feeling

Like you can’t do enough to feel happy

You might even do something about it.

Look up a few things, maybe get some

Directions to see how other people

Made it”

It’s not about how other people do/did it.

It’s about believing you can do it and then

Finding reasons to prove you are right.

Rather than sucking your thumb blaming

Your current situation on everything and

Everyone around you.

Hey, you deserve success.

You’ve been searching for ways to do it

For awhile, but the fact that you are

Are actually searching shows that you are

Ready to take the next steps already.

You just have to believe you’re right.

Jerry “belief + faith + luck=success” Washington

P.S. All success takes a certain amount of luck.

But you know what? I don’t believe in luck.

Yeah I said it! It’s my website so I can say what

I want. So listen up…

Here’s my view on luck. I think it’s a force of

Subconscious that we have yet to have the tools

To study efficiently enough. I believe that we

Will soon find out that luck is something that

We didn’t understand, but occurs due to our

Ability to control more than we think in our


But I’ve been wrong before.

I mean I have no real proof, but I do believe

You work with God everyday. Not in that

Skydaddy, pray to ask for allowances way.

But in a way that we are all a part of the

Same thing…Source or God as many

Would call it.

P.P.S I try not to get to deep into this here

But if you’d like to further discuss how

You can connect your success to spirituality

But not be into all that fru fru mumbo jumbo

Then I would invite you to consider

Joining the conversation with a few spirituality

Enlighten folks. Just click the link to join my

Private Facebook group Project SELFFY.

Talk soon…

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Everything we once held sacred in the fitness world is crumbling. It’s crazy bruh.  People are running towards boutique gyms and CrossFit boxes meanwhile, personal trainers are left standing there pissing their pants wondering what they can do to help membership in a gym they don’t own.

See after I finished my track career I decided to become a business man while trying to save the world with the development of a mental health program. It was shortly after I graduated college I got the opportunity to create what was called the SBBH (School Based Behavior Health) program

It was awesome (if I do say so myself) because it, like my track team, encouraged a learning environment based on the results of page loads of convincing data about group versus individual learning.

Ultimately, my experience with this organization was corrupted by a greedy lobbyist and an overzealous (triple word score) Board that overshot predictions on initial program intake/discharge cycles.

ANYHOO…I walked away with very little from that deal, but I don’t think money could buy the knowledge that I obtained from that experience

But I digress, I think I heard you asking about what we were doing in schools.

Ok let me see if I can explain exactly what we did by giving you examples that might be more familiar to you.

You know why groups like AA, NA, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and many other similar groups are successful?

Essentially because it is easier, more efficient, and the effects of behavior modification are more than 3 x longer lasting with groups than with individuals.

Yeah, I really said 3 TIMES.

So why the shit are you still going at it on your own?

I’ve developed the General Fitness Program with over 10 years of personal and group training and other well known psychological training methods like Dr. Beck’s CBT method.

So there’s training, and then there’s the General Fitness Company.

It really is a game changer when you realize how much more you can achieve with our fitness program over a gym, trainer, or exercising on your own.

Guess that’s why you’re seeing more and more personal trainers scared out of their minds about programs like mine:

Jerry “Team Captain” Washington

P.S. We’ve released the newsletter and we have a few special thing in it. One of them is  a way you can win $150. I will be talking about how everyone can get in on that action soon.